Dear Sofia

Arianna and Jared were high school sweethearts but as they were drifting apart the summer before their senior year, Jared broke up with Arianna. Then a year later as Ariana was packing up her things to go to college, she came across a diary she kept for her bestfriend, Sofia. She read the diary and remembered all the things that her and Jared had been through. Arianna remembered why she fell in love with Jared in the first place.


4. Arianna

"Hey, we're here." I felt Ryan's hand on my bare knee. I woke up instantly to his touch but I didn't want to open my eyes. "Arianna." He said. I opened my eyes slowly. I must have been sleeping for about 3 hours after we made a stop at the gas station. I looked out the window and saw the campus flooded with new students with their bags. Ryan parked close to my dorm building. I knew my roommate will probably already be here. I grabbed my suitcase and my purse and Ryan carried in two boxes. As we walked in there was a lady sitting at a table. "Name?". She asked I looked at her as she was handind me a clipboard with some pieces of paper on it. "Arianna Carter." I told as I grabbed the clipboard. "You just need to fill out this paper to recieve your schedule for the upcoming courses." I took a paper from the clipboard and she handed me my room key."You will be room number 152." She said as she smiled. "Thank you. It's just down this hall?" I asked. She nodded. "You signed up for a co-ed room?" Ryan asked. "I didn't really have a choice. When I signed up for a room they said they only had co-ed rooms left, but I don't mind." I said as I stuck the key into the key hole. I turned the knob and walked into the room. My roomate wasn't here yet so I picked the bed on the right and I put my suitcase down and Ryan piled the boxes onto the floor in the corner. The room was fairly large. As soon as you walked in you could see both of the beds on the sides of the wall. By the window, There were 2 long desks and bookshelves. On the wall above the beds there were corkboards to hang up posters and our schedules. On the opposite sides of the door were our closets. I opened the door. The closet was a good size. It had shelves and drawers. Ryan walked in with the last of the boxes. I hadn't even realized he left to go get more boxes. "Thanks." I said as I smiled at him. He leaned in for a kiss but then stopped and said "I got to go."He smiled teasingly and then he kissed me. "Bye." I said smiling as Ryan left closing the door behind him. As soon as he wasn't watching the smile vanished and I knew that I didn't feel the same about Ryan as I had a few days ago. I unpacked my boxes and set up my books on the bookshelf and I made my bed with my new comforter and pillows I bought from Ikea. The comforter was purple with black floral and it came with matching pillows. I set up my Ipod dock on the night stand I brought with me and i put away all my clothes. That was alot easier than I thought, I said to myself. I looked around the room. I was getting bored already. I stared out the window for a few minutes, watching people as they walked by. I grabbed my key and decided to take my own tour of campus.

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