Dear Sofia

Arianna and Jared were high school sweethearts but as they were drifting apart the summer before their senior year, Jared broke up with Arianna. Then a year later as Ariana was packing up her things to go to college, she came across a diary she kept for her bestfriend, Sofia. She read the diary and remembered all the things that her and Jared had been through. Arianna remembered why she fell in love with Jared in the first place.


2. Arianna

I woke up in my room filled with boxes. I got out my bed and went into my suitcase to look for some clothes to wear. It was a Thursday morning and Ryan and I are going to drive to San Diego today. It was 6 hour drive from Pheonix and even though I don't get car sick very often, I have a feeling I may be alittle nauseas on this trip. I put on some denim cutt off shorts, and a baggy black tank top and some flipflops. I heard the bell door ring. I already knew it was Ryan. I walked over to the front door to let him. He was smiling when I opened the door. I already know that he's excited for college. He came in and we both walked into my room. My parents were still sleeping so we had to be quiet while we moved the boxes into the car. "You look exhausted." Ryan said smiling at me while carrying a box out to his old honda. I smiled back. "Yeah, I'm kinda nervous." I said. Ryan put the box in his car. I knew I was lying to him. The real reason I didn't sleep last night was because I spent all night replaying all the things that happened to me and Jared. Like our first kiss, our first slow dance together during freshman homecoming, or the time he broke up with me. I rememeber it all so clearly. I rememeber excatly what he said when he broke up with me. "I just can't see how it's going to work anymore." I haven't talked to him since the day he broke up with me. He never had a new girlfriend and I never really saw him around school. We hung out with different types of people and after I met Ryan a few months later at the mall where he was working, I never thought about Jared after that. I wonder if he ever missed me or thought of trying to get back together with me. "Arianna!" Ryan said annoyed. I looked up at him. "Yeah?" I asked.


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