Dear Sofia

Arianna and Jared were high school sweethearts but as they were drifting apart the summer before their senior year, Jared broke up with Arianna. Then a year later as Ariana was packing up her things to go to college, she came across a diary she kept for her bestfriend, Sofia. She read the diary and remembered all the things that her and Jared had been through. Arianna remembered why she fell in love with Jared in the first place.


1. Arianna

"Do you need any help packing, Arianna?" My mom asked as she stood by my doorway. I looked around my room. It was almost completely empty. Most of my things are either going of to College with me or I gave away. "No thanks mom. I'm almost done." I said. My mom smiled and left. I knew she was upset about me leaving but my boyfriend, Ryan, and I have been planning on going to California for college all senior year. I continued packing up some of my things off my bookshelf and my desk. I picked up the last book from the bookshelf. It was a hardcover diary that I used to always right in. It was black and covered with skateboarding stickers that my exboyfriend Jared gave me. I opened the book and the first thing that caught my eye was a picture of me and Jared that was taped on the inside cover of the book. We were on our first date at the carnvial and we were both looking at each other and  laughing while holding popcorn,cotton candy and a giant stuffed panda bear that he won for me at the ring toss. Next to the photo was a picture of me he drew. The wind was blowing in my hair and i was holding a rose. I looked over at the first page of the diary and started reading.

          March 3 2008,2008

Dear Sofia,

Guess what? Jared and I went on our first date today. I had so much fun. He even won a giant stuffed panda bear for me. We went on the ferris wheel and played ring toss.  I wish you could meet him. I told him about you the other day. I told him how you were my bestfriend and that you and I had the same birthday. I obviously didn't tell him the whole story. Our birthday is coming up. Don't worry, I already picked out a present that I know you will love. I have to go to school tomorrow. If only you could come to school with me. Goodnight.

Love, Elizabeth xx


I skimmed a few more pages and read a few sentences saying how much I loved Jared. I couldn't help but cry. We were so crazy about each other and some how we just drifted apart.

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