Bob is an animated character I made up, and this is a story about him and his two friends, Bill and Dave and they go on adventure following Bill and end up going down a tunnel, well Bill and Bob do anyway.What is down the tunnel? What happens to Dave?(And yes I made the book cover). And let me note that this is a WIP and is not finished yet. And you can also see allot of the characters in the book cover.


1. The World of Bob

Bob lived in a pretty basic house. It was quite dull and boring, but it suited him(yellow and plain). His family consisted of only him and his parents. But he moved out of his parents's house after turning 18, he is now 19. His house is in the middle of Border Street, his neighbors don't take much notice of him(neither does he of them). But he did have 2 friends despite that a lot of people didn't like him.  His friends were Bill and Dave. Bill is a stick figure looking dude who is similar to Bob in many ways but yet very different. Of course Bill had a lot more friends than Bob but Bill didn't seem to care about friends. Another strange thing is that Bill doesn't like Dave but yet they still both hang out with Bob. Dave is also a stick figure dude who had a lot of friends, but unlike Bill he liked having loads of friends. Although Bob was 19 he still enjoyed doing fun stuff and acting like a kid.

"Hey Bob, wake up!" shouted Bill to Bob outside his house at 9:00 am.

"We have a fun day in-head of us!" said Dave excitedly pushing Bill out of the way.

"Give me 10 minutes," replied Bob tiredly.

He got up, got dressed and walked downstairs. He walked intro the bathroom and brushed his teeth. He looked up into the mirror and thought lonely thoughts. But it was then he was woken up from his trance by the shouting of Bill,

"Hurry up Bob!"

He quickly made and had breakfast and ran outside

"Why have you got a backpack on?" he asked them, seeing they were both wearing a backpack.

"Because," replied Bill, "we're going on an adventure!" 

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