Bob is an animated character I made up, and this is a story about him and his two friends, Bill and Dave and they go on adventure following Bill and end up going down a tunnel, well Bill and Bob do anyway.What is down the tunnel? What happens to Dave?(And yes I made the book cover). And let me note that this is a WIP and is not finished yet. And you can also see allot of the characters in the book cover.


3. The Light

Back in the tunnel Bob and Bill were still chasing the light. The light started to slow down, and then it stopped. When Bob and Bill had finally reached it, they saw that it was just a firefly and it had came to the end the end of the tunnel, so they thought. As the firefly was flying around, Bob and Bill looked to see if they could see anything else. They followed the firefly curiously with their eyes.

"Look!" said Bob looking to the left where the firefly was now flying, "another tunnel!"

"Let's see where it leads" replied Bill stepping into the tunnel. Bob followed behind Bill as he walked into the darkness.

"I hear breathing" said Bob nervously.

They slowly looked up. They could then see the outline of some creature.  The firefly flew by the creature, revealing what it looked like. A big brown worm looking creature with dark green eyes, it blocked the whole tunnel.

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