Bob is an animated character I made up, and this is a story about him and his two friends, Bill and Dave and they go on adventure following Bill and end up going down a tunnel, well Bill and Bob do anyway.What is down the tunnel? What happens to Dave?(And yes I made the book cover). And let me note that this is a WIP and is not finished yet. And you can also see allot of the characters in the book cover.


2. The Adventure Starts

Bob and Dave followed behind Bill as he walked ahead.

"Do you know where we are going?" asked Bob to Dave.

"No," replied Dave, "but he said it's an adventure so I just got my backpack and followed him."


They walked for ages until they got to, well they didn't know where. But they came to a forest.

"This is it!" shouted Dave angrily to Bill.

"Yeah," replied Bill.

"This is junk!" shouted Dave back starting an argument. After the argument was finally over Bill said,

"The whole adventure is, we don't know where this leads."

They adventured into the forest hoping for something exciting,

"Well this does stink," said Bill agreeing with Dave.

"Wait guys, what's that over there?" Bob said to them. They all turned and stared at a giant tree with a large hole in it. Bob ran towards it, soon followed by Bill and then Dave.They stared down into the hole.

"I can't see anything in there," said Dave in despite.

"Wait, I see a light!" replied Bill in excitement.

"Me too!" said Bob. While Bill and Bob were standing by the hole staring in, Dave ran up and pushed them in.

"Tell me what's down their!" joked Dave. Dave headed back home and said to himself,

"the only adventure I want now is the adventure back home."

By now Bill and Bob had reached the bottom of the hole. They looked around and couldn't see anything. Well nothing but black darkness.But then they saw a light again, looking as if it was going down a tunnel.

"Follow that light!" said Bill to Bob who was already heading for it.

Meanwhile Dave was still trying to find his way back home.

"Arrr! Why did I even follow Bill here!" Dave groaned to himself. By now he had gone in a circle and ended up back at the forest.

"I guess I will just have to follow them," he thought to himself walking into the forest.

"But where's the tree," he thought again.He looked around. Nothing. No hole, no giant tree.

"I must be in the right place," he said to himself for reassurance(not knowing he was on the other side of the forest).

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