Best Summer Ever

So. Mum's away. Dad's with her. And I get sent to some stupid resort with my Grandad? Wow. When I think it can't get any weirder, it does...



4. Shocked


I make my way back to my room in utter shock. I can't believe One Direction are staying in this hotel. Of ALL hotels in Paradise Resort, they chose this grubby, 3-star shack of a hotel. If my older sister Jessica was here, she'd most likely self combust. Instead she's on a Jamaican cruise with mum and dad. I can't go because it's for adults only and apparently Jessica is classed as an adult. A child in an adults body, more like. Jessica LOVES One Direction. As for me, I can't exactly say I'm their BIGGEST fan, but living with posters and songs by them for the past couple of months makes sharing a hotel with them slightly shocking.

Groaning, I throw myself down on my shabby, supposedly king-size bed. It creaks. Stupid bed.

I have the urge to unpack my suitcase, but I can't seem to move my limbs. I'm so tired. I can't hold it in. Falling into a deep dark hole of sleep, my last thoughts that were of One Direction haunt my dreams.



I've wish I could find out more about that girl. I can't get her out of my head. The guys mention something about a party on the beach. This girl, she could be going. Should I go? How do I know if she'll be there for sure? And if she isn't, then what do I do? I'm not bragging, but there will be girls there DYING to speak to the famous One Direction. She seemed like a party type. I should give it a try. Yes, I'll go.

"I'm coming with."

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