Best Summer Ever

So. Mum's away. Dad's with her. And I get sent to some stupid resort with my Grandad? Wow. When I think it can't get any weirder, it does...



2. Costa de Jandro.


My first impressions of the hotel aren't exactly positive. The lobby armchairs have ripped cushions, there is a broken down vending machine and a constant buzzing noise coming from the air con.

"Mila!" I run into Grandad's arms.

"Grandad!" I shout.

"You must be tired, Mila! Let's get you checked into your room. Have a rest and we'll have dinner together later. I'm sure you'd prefer to explore the resort first, yes?" He's right. In fact, I'm so tired, I can't even mutter an excuse.

I walk to the front desk.

"Hello again, Jandro." "Miss Mila! You like the hotel, yes?" "Oh, it's...great." I say encouragingly.

"Good, good! And look here! You have the best room of the hotel! Sea view and king sized bed, requested by your old grandad over there."

"Lucky me." "Here's the key, room 121." "Thanks, Jandro." Resting will have to wait. I simply can't contain my excitement, I get to explore the hotel. Yippee.



"Costa de Jandro?" Liam says.

"That doesn't even make sense, according to my crappy spanish skills." Zayn says.

I jump out of the pick-up truck and quickly shove my glasses back on as a small group of girls stroll past.

Zayn's eyes follow them. He wolf whistles.

"Can't wait to hit the beach..." He says, still gazing longingly at them.

"Can't wait to hit the shower!" Exclaims Louie. "The weather is HOT!" "Like the girls." Zayn laughs.

Ignoring them, I walk, as casually as possible, through the entrance into Costa de Jandro.


In the lobby, I ruffle my curly mop of hair. Oh dear, Simon has DEFINITELY gave us the wrong directions this time.

A small chubby man runs up to me as the boys enter. "You are them! You are Uno Direction!" "Hey, keep it down. And it's ONE Direction." Hisses Niall.

"Yes, yes. One, Uno, never mind! Me show you your rooms now!"

I can sense the others aren't expecting much either.


Compared to the state of the lobby, the room Liam and I share isn't that bad. Comfy-looking beds, television. We won't be in our rooms all day, every day anyway. It hardly matters what condition they're in if we are going to be out all day. My room. Liam's room. Room 122.  

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