Best Summer Ever

So. Mum's away. Dad's with her. And I get sent to some stupid resort with my Grandad? Wow. When I think it can't get any weirder, it does...



1. Arrivals


I step off of the plane into dazzling sunlight. Sheilding my face with my hand, I reach into my bag for my sunglasses. So this is Paradise Resort. I think to myself. Great.


I am sitting in a waiting seat, suitcase under my legs, annoyance filling my brain. Where's grandad? I get out my tattered MP3 player and shove the earphones into my ears. As soft Indie music whirls through my ears and flows through my veins, I look out of the large window at the cheery resort that sits quite happily under the sweltering sunshine.

"Excuse me, miss?" A voice behind me says.

Turning around, I say "Is there a problem?" A tubby looking man with a goatie and shockingly orange holiday shirt stands uncertainly before me.

"Are you Mila Bloomer?" He says. "That's me. Who are you?" "I'm Jandro. Owner of your hotel. Your grandad has sent me for you."

Perfect. Grandad can't even get off his bum to come and see his grandaughter which he hasn't seen in 4 years. This will definitely be a summer holiday to remember.


"Why are we going here again?" I say.

"To relax after our big tour." Liam immitates Simon.

Zayn laughs.

Sighing, I say "That's good. Exactly what I need. Sun. Sand. Relaxation."

"Don't forget the girls!" Niall adds, smirking.

"The girls..." I repeat.

I lift up my dark hoodie to cover my hair and put on my dark sunglasses. The others do the same. This is Simon's way of making us look unrecognizable until we reach the resort.

"Let's do this." I say before jumping into the small pick-up truck that waits in the Airport car park.



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