En kort historie på engelsk. Jeg hørte en sang, og jeg fik lyst til at skrive det her. Jeg overvejer at gøre mere ved den, men jeg ved ikke hvilken genre, jeg skal dreje den ind på. Det finder jeg ud af.
Undskyld, den er på engelsk, og den er lidt depri på en måde.


1. Silence, you might wither

The graveyard was quiet. Not a single creature was alive as the night went on with its peace.

    “Save me now,” I sang into the wind, which carried this on with it. I swayed with the breeze – I felt as though I was soothing the night; as if I brought this night with me wherever. I felt like sunshine was a mere temptation – the night was the very core of my soul. The night was my music. It was the melody to my songs – only I was able to hear it. Only me.

     I looked upon the graves lit by darkness. I did not read the words, because I did not need to. Names were of no need to me. I knew the deceased people in the ground; buried by dirt.

    I swayed forth with the wind and seemingly hugged the earth upon the grave at my front. I could feel the person in this grave. A woman. She was caring. A caring mother.

    With my eyes closed, I let myself get lost in her lingering soul.

    She liked classic music.

    She liked the soothing tones of the violin; the embracing sound of a cello.

    She’d get wrapped up in her own world.

    She’d get lost in her music.

    She’d been playing the piano.

    She’d liked it.

    I could hear her music. Her songs were playing in my mind, while my right hand was drawing circles in the dirt, making everything flow. I felt an object in my left hand. It was warm. Solid and almost heart-like. Pulsing in my hand, along the melody. I opened my eyes and sat up. I looked down at my white dress, where the woman’s soul was looking at me from my lap. She smiled at me. Her smile woke something in me. It wasn’t my own feelings. It was like darkness took over my mind, as I lifted my left hand from the ground. For a moment I hesitated with the beating object in my hand. Then it went cold, and I speared her chest with the knife.

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