Losing Touch

For Cathrine, it's simple. Death won't leave her alone. She can see the dead, and she always has done. But nobody believes her, nobody but her friend Aire, but she has her own deadly secrets.

But Cathrine is the only one who can see them, and Aire is the only one who can help her. The two must learn the secret why Cathrine can see the dead, or risk losing touch of everything...


2. Shadows in a mirror

I stepped onto the cold, grey tiles of the school hall. The old, decaying hall of an old and dying school, and a school dragged down by drugs and gangs. And all other sorts of crime and teenage crime.
Even here though, the visions could not go away. The horror of the life of this place doesn't equate to the horror of seeing the dead. Though I do admit something about here, the visions are dulled. They aren't the crystal clear picture of horror I'm used to. They are like looking a blurring lense they use at the opticians, and they aren't very long.
Aire was constantly by my side as we walked through the hall, and noticed the cracks in the walls, the nests of birds hanging from the decaying timber, and the students huddled into corners, usually exchanging drugs and alcohol.
We walked quickly out of the hall, and made our way to the toilets, the only clean and monitored place in the entire school except the little clinic. I opened the door and flicked the small white switch on the inside of the door, and the lights lit up, illuminating the room.
I grabbed my handbag and rooted through the bag, pulling out a small tube of black mascara, and began to apply it to my eyelashes. I stared into the mirror as I worked. I caught glances of Aire applying foundation to her skin.
I put the mascara down, and rooted out an eye shadow. I got a brush and sprinkled on some of the coloured dust. I watched the face, but from behind me, I felt something cold rush past. I turned around, looking for someone, and only Aire was near me, too busy with her makeup to move.
I turned back towards the mirror, and screamed. A black shadow enveloped me, wrapping around me and spiking out with shadowy, wispy tendrils, arching out and above. I dropped the powder, which spreads all over the unit, and creates a black cloud of smoke.
By the time the smoke faded, the darkness conformed to me like elaborate jacket. It still looked like tendrils around me, but now, as I moved to touch the shadows, it moved with me. I didn't scream anymore, just caught between absolute terror and awe.
And Aire was stood with her phone, recording me, and laughing. But her face is caught in paralysed terror as she sees my eyes. Pure pictures of fear, and pure picture of terror. I saw the shadow begin to touch her, and I began to scream her name endlessly.
Aire doesn't notice, but the shadow reveals something even more terrifying. I saw a ghostly black wings form from her back. Ghostly, wispy and inexplicably sinister wings like that of a fallen angel. And then, the shadows joined the wings, and my vision blurred. And the world faded into a blackness...
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