Losing Touch

For Cathrine, it's simple. Death won't leave her alone. She can see the dead, and she always has done. But nobody believes her, nobody but her friend Aire, but she has her own deadly secrets.

But Cathrine is the only one who can see them, and Aire is the only one who can help her. The two must learn the secret why Cathrine can see the dead, or risk losing touch of everything...


1. Skeletons in a car

I held my cup of coffee tightly, lifting it slowly to my lips and sipping it. Aire was deciding what drink she wanted, annoying the bored cafe staff waiting for the girl to choose. And for their monotonus shift to cease. She eventually decided on a expresso, and we both walked out of the small corner shop, chatting and gossiping like there was no tomorrow.

The cold winter clung to our skin and froze us. We clutched the warm drinks, and wrapped our scarves tighter around our necks. "It's freezing, Cathrine!" Aire complained, messing with her bright red hair which hung down to her waist. I smiled and laughed softly "Aire, it's not that cold..."

Which was a blantent lie. I hugged her softly and she laughed "We can be penguins!" I frowned and she looked at me like I'd grown a second head. "But you love penguins..." she said softly. I looked into her blue eyes, and they widened and she sighed. "Penguins are social, but you're the only person who talks to me." I muttered, and Aire pinched me. "Cheer up Cathrine!" she shouted, and hugged me tightly.

I jumped slightly, and then laughed. We continued to walk along the frozen pavement, and slipped and slid across the ice. We tripped over and I slid into the road, but Aire managed to grab onto a drain, and I was flung into the middle of the road.

A car approached from up the road, and I expected a normal car rushing at me, but instead, a wrecked car with fire burning violently from the wheels and the bonnet approached. And infront of me, a little girl with blond pigtails facing towards the ruined car.

I screamed for her to turn around, but she when she faced me, I screamed louder. Her face and been ripped off, showing a mask of muscle and bone. Her jaw hung off loosely, and her dress and been clawed at, showing 3 huge scars running down her chest, opening up her heart and stoumach. She smiled and turned around to hit the car with her whole body.

The corpse was flung across the road, and she disappeared as she hits the ground. The car kept going, and as I stood up, it hits me. Time froze as I see the driver's face frozen in terror. The skeleton face is a clear picture of terror, it's face was caught in screaming, covered by a tracksuit jacket hood. There was a woman sat next to him, holding a trashed phone with wires sticking out and running an electrical charge down her arms. Her hair looked singed and hangs dead over her empty eye sockets. Her tattered dress shows her bones, and I screamed like nothing I'd ever heard before.

The car never hit me, instead, a sharp and brutal blast of wind hit her, and blew her back onto the pavement. I shivered and screamed. "Cathrine... Cathrine!" Aire shouted from behind me, and grabbed my jacket and hauled onto the wet grass.

"I saw them..." I muttered, and Aire nodded. She brushed the dirt off of my jacket and helped me to my feet, and I sank into her arms. "It will be okay... You will be okay, Cathrine Swan." Aire soothed, and I all too happily tried to forget it.

And in the things that I missed, I missed the most important fact about the accident. The floating shadow in the background, which I never saw, parted it's lips and whispered "Losing your touch? This is your touch. Death and you are insperable..."

And missing it, I walked on with Aire down the road towards the small school at the end of the road, with our empty coffee cups, and my messed up mind shouting at me. Well, I never said I was normal...

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