Zodiac Awakening

Twelve ordinary teenagers, all different signs of the zodiac, have been leading normal, different lives. However, a strange incident occurs, leaving them with unique powers that could change everything. However, an ancient cult has learned of their existence, and wants to snuff them out forever.


2. Sharp As A Scorpion Stinger


"Were we Paying Attention, Kieran?" Miss Alstich asked, smacking my desk with a metre stick. It's her way of getting our attention.

Yeah, but to that total babe, Susannah. Not to you.

Miss Alstich is one of those teachers that looks like she wouldn't hurt a fly, but in reality, she's completely evil. She's got white hair, steel-rimmed glasses and rose-coloured lipstick. When she's not clutching a metre stick like a tudor executioner clutching an axe, she's brushing imaginary dust off her knitted cardigan. She alternates between three of them, peach, dove-grey with silk ivy leaves climbing up it, and a sickly green with a pussycat bow. Today, it was the green one.

She looked like a rattlesnake eyeing up a particularly juicy rat. The kids call her Bulldog behind her back; she can smell fear and it tastes like chicken.

"Two-hundred and Twenty-nine years." I say, as her eyes narrow behind her glasses. I've really done it now. Usually, if you don't reply, she thinks you're stupid and leaves you alone. If you attract her attention however, like I have, she won't give you a moment's peace until you're a nervous wreck with tears streaming down your face.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" She asks, clenching her grip on the metre stick.

Oh, what the hell. Might as well.

"You asked how many years ago was the Declaration Of Independance signed. It was signed two-hundred and twenty-nine years ago. On the fourth of July seventeen seventy-six." I replied, as the class erupted into an array of silent laughter, which she hates.

GCSE History, who on earth knew it could be this much fun?

"Very good, Kieran." Alstich replies, sounding like she wished she could strangle me. "As he's told us what, and when was the United States brightest moment, who can tell us what, and when, was her darkest moment?"

Alstich scanned the classroom, sizing us up. I was immune from her interrogation, so I went back to focusing on the most important thing in the world.


She's a total babe. Copper-coloured hair down to her back, long legs, and those big brown eyes. Even how she smells, like peaches and raspberries with something else sweet and spicy that I can't quite place, is good. It must be her perfume or conditioner.

She turned 15 yesterday, and she looks even more beautiful. A silver necklace glitters at her swan-like neck, with an orangey-red stone on the end, and a silver design on the stone.

She got one of those Zodiac necklaces for her birthday. I bet her jackass boyfriend got it for her.

Her boyfriend is a jackass though, and I'm not just saying it. Always mucking about in PE, so those who want to do the lesson, can't. Last time, he got ten pounds off a bet that he wouldn't do a flip off he top of the climbing bars onto the trampette. He did, but he broke it.

I always try to work up the courage to speak to her, but it always goes very wrong. I tried asking her if she wanted to be my partner for a project on the trenches, but all the words mashed together. In the end, she thought I was asking if she thought I was hench. I sounded like a total idiot, and she went with someone else.

"Susannah! How about you tell us?" Alstich asked, delighted at finding a new victim. If I didn't hate her already, I'd really hate her now for picking on Susannah.

I kept focussed on them, refusing to blink in case something happened to her. It hurt, and made Susannah look like she was slightly faded. Exactly like someone had put her photo into Photoshop, then dragged the blur tool over her.

I blinked, then did a double-take. She was still blurred. Alstich was still watching her. Eerily still. Her chest wasn't even rising and falling as she breathed. If she wasn't still standing, I'd have sworn she'd had a heart attack, but she clearly hadn't. It was more like a movie put on pause.

I whirled around, freezing in shock at the weird sight going on.

This is too weird. What the hell is going on?

The whole class was frozen. Just like that. It was so strange. The Barbie girls had stopped with their brushes still in their disgustingly fake hair, the Jokers were halfway through throwing a paper plane across the class, and various others were texting under the desk. Someone must have stopped time.

If time had been stopped, how can you still move? Someone else is a guardian here, and you know who.

I ran over to Susannah, looking right in her eyes. She didn't move though, like she was in her own world. A world featuring a slide-show of video clips, which were visible in her eyes.

Chaos in a bank, soldiers marching through an exotic jungle, sharp-suited gangsters mowing down a cluster of people with tommy-guns, and a river of fire, jet fuel, and human bodies flowing down two huge buildings poking out over New York.

She's answering the question, but not realising the consequences of her ability. I have to tell her that she's a guardian.

"Susannah, what are you doing?" I asked, tensing up at the awkwardness of the situation. There was no response though. Not even a flicker of the videos in her eyes.

She was so perfect, and needs help. Being a guardian is dangerous, if you don't know what you're doing. Her lips were frozen stiff. Slightly open, and shining from the gloss she put on daily.

Don't you dare! You know what could happen, as you're the guardian of Scorpio. Control yourself!

I knew I shouldn't, but she would never notice. I leaned close to her, breathing in her fruity scent, and let her lips touch mine.

Though frozen, her lips were soft, and delicate. Her gloss was strawberry-flavoured, but not half as amazing as she was. The softness, and perfection, with just the slight taste of strawberries and...blood?

I pulled away, as the salty taste of blood ran free from the teethmarks in my tongue. Susannah had snapped out of it, and bitten my tongue when she realised I kissed her. Unfortunately, when she snapped out of it, so did everyone else. The whispers flew through the air like hornets, and stung just like them too.

         Kieran kissed Susannah!          Kieran kissed Susannah!         Kieran kissed Susannah!

I didn't know what to do. I mean, I had been caught kissing a taken girl. I was doomed. Damn you to the pit of hell Scorpio impulses, damn you.

It was then that I ran out. Not caring about Alstich shouting at me, or the whoops and jeers from my classmates, I just bolted. For once, I was grateful for the help that Scorpio gave to my sporting abilities, as that meant I could get far away from what I'd done.

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