Zodiac Awakening

Twelve ordinary teenagers, all different signs of the zodiac, have been leading normal, different lives. However, a strange incident occurs, leaving them with unique powers that could change everything. However, an ancient cult has learned of their existence, and wants to snuff them out forever.


5. If Wishes Were Fishes


I can't believe they were actually nice to me! I mean, just because they can be nice. I've had people say nice things to me before, but after the "You look really pretty today" or the "That's a nice top you're wearing" line, comes the thing I dread the most: "Can I borrow some money?". It always happens every day, like the sunrise.

Of course I have to give them the money, or they'll say "You're such a mean Bitch!" loudly enough for everyone to hear. Then everyone'll start joining in with the chant, and a few kicks and scratches get thrown into the mix. Whilst that's happening, they'll nick my money. There's no point telling anyone, as everyone backs up the Barbie girls. When it's 15 vs 1, it's assumed that I "just gave it to them" and I'm seeking attention.

Yeah, right. If they only knew how it really is.

I carry on walking down the path to the local lido. I love it there, as you can spend hours in the cool, clean water; just letting your troubles wash away. As I often have to give my money away, or have it nicked, I always jump over the turnstile. It's not like I'll get caught or anything, as nobody pays me any attention.

The cold steel under my hands, gives me an extra vault over. Nobody's around today, not even a lifeguard, so it's even better. I love being on my own, as there's nobody around to harass me. I cross over to the changing rooms, pull on the door, and realise it's locked. The pool must be closed today.

Even better.

I pull my rain-spotted t-shirt up over my head, revealing my tight, black swimsuit underneath. I've always worn it underneath, to make it easier. I strip off my jeans, then tuck them in my bag and stow it under the bench nearby. I'm completely alone here, so someone could easily nick it. Then, I make my way over to the water. One running-jump, and I'm in the cool comfort alone.

I hold the ledge, coiling my body up like a spring. That's the best way of giving yourself a good head-start. I'm hoping to get some practice in before next week, and The Gala. The one thing I've always wanted to win. All the other minor-league trophies, county medals and district awards are nice, but if you win The Gala, then you're the best in the whole of the UK for your age group.

If you win in the 14-18 age group, then you get entered into the next Olympics, which would be so awesome. If I'd been entered, then I'd be famous and have to have a bodyguard who'd stop the Barbie girls from nicking my money.

However, knowing my luck, I'd wind up getting bullied out of school, just like that diver, Tom Daley. Not just for my success, but also for what I am. A freak.

"It could be just your imagination, or you were holding your breath and didn't know it. You know that it's impossible to be able to breath underwater. Unless you're a frog or a fish, that is." I whisper to myself, knowing it's a lie though. I know what I did yesterday. I was able to breath underwater, as easily as on land.

"If you can breath underwater, then do it again. Do it right here, right now." I whisper again. It's odd, talking to yourself, but I'm hated already, so why bother being normal now. I tense up my arms, and breath out strongly; forcing all the oxygen out of my lungs from the bottom up.

Before I can breath in again, I let go of the edge, and I'm forced forward and down by my legs springing out. The icy, chlorine-tainted water rushes over my head, stings my half-open eyes, and roars lion-like past my ears. I force my arms over my head, and kick hard behind me. The Butterfly's my fastest stroke, but my shoulders ache afterwards. I keep going, not worrying about running out of air, feeling the strange euphoria of being completely alone and not afraid to be myself. Despite the fact that I'm a confirmed freak.

I can breath underwater.

If someone from school finds out, then they'll have something new to tease me about.

"Amphibious Alesha!" joins the same ranks as "April Showers Alesha!" and "Please Drown Alesha, We Don't Wan't You Alive!" on the list of nicknames and things to catcall. Hot tears scald my eyes, compared to the cold water.

"I wish I could drown, as you make me not want to be alive!" I say, watching the stream of bubbles escape to the surface. I do wish it so badly though. Who cares about Alesha Cartle, the swimming freak. Just let me drown, and let them get what they want. They deserve it; they're perfect.

I only realise that I've been swimming downwards, when I touch the tiles with my hand. I don't have to worry about running out of air, so I can stay down here as long as I want. Or as long as I can stay down; I can feel my body trying to reach the surface. It's natural buoyancy dragging me up to the surface, and away from what I want.

"Just give up and float." I tell myself, as my head breaks the surface. As I'm not underwater anymore, I have to take a huge breath of air. I'd failed at practice, but I'd unlocked an ability that lay inside me.

As I kept myself afloat, there was a rustling sound in the tall bushes nearby. I spun my head around, keeping watch on the spot where it came from. My blood froze in my veins, and I shuddered. Was that someone from school? Had they seen me try and drown? Did they work out that I can breath underwater?

The bushes rustled again in that spot, and I stayed watching it.


The sound registered, as I turned to face the front. White lights danced in front of me, as I noticed the thin metal bar sticking out of me.

Metal? In my body? Not good! Not good at all!

Little lightening-bolts of pain shot up from the wound, as my head swam in and out of blackness. I forced myself to sit up on the poolside, as passing out in water, is one of the worst things you can ever do. Even if you can breath in it. I clutched the steel bar in my chest, and pulled hard, ripping up the skin and flesh just under my collarbone. The sharp point on the end, glinted menacingly in the daylight. I forced myself up, half-dragging myself across the tiled floor. I reached my bag, and dug in it for my phone. It was tiny in my shaking hands, with fingers as thick and clumsy as sausages. I went through contacts, and just chose a random number.

"Oh please pick up. Please pick up." I whispered, surprised at how hoarse my voice sounded.

"Hello, who is it?" Came the voice on the other end. Male, and young-sounding.

"Alesha Cartle. Please...help..." I felt dizzier and dizzier, watching the drops of blood leaking from my chest, turn into a sea. I can't do it. I can't...stay...awake. My phone slipped free of my hand, and clattered noisily to the tiles, before I heard nothing more.

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