Zodiac Awakening

Twelve ordinary teenagers, all different signs of the zodiac, have been leading normal, different lives. However, a strange incident occurs, leaving them with unique powers that could change everything. However, an ancient cult has learned of their existence, and wants to snuff them out forever.


3. Heart As Heavy As Water


"Need me to remind you of your traits? You clearly forget them lots." My older sister, Meygan asked, opening the book she'd gotten ages ago. She's a guardian, like me, but for Aquarius.

"Scorpio, the scorpion. A water sign ruled by Pluto and Mars. Scorpio's are generally determined and loyal, but also reserved and secretive. They are often very firm and-"

"Thut up, Meygan! I don't need thour help!" I snapped, not bothering to even look at her. Susannah's bite mark had left me with a lisp.

"-proud, which gives them an accurate nickname as "The Marmite Sign". You either love them, or hate them. Scorpio's are prone to being distrustful and violent, with their most worrying trait being their inability to control their sexual des-"

"I thaid Thut UP, Meygan." I snapped again, as she wouldn't leave me alone.

"-ire. Despite their apparently evil traits, they have grit and backbone, meaning they can reach higher goals than the other signs. They have the intense wisdom, prudence, and ability to be discreet, that lets them be able to display extraordinary genius. In other words, control yourself!" Meygan snapped the book shut, and slipped it back on the shelf. I didn't have the guts to go through the rest of the day, so I went home.

"Meygan, thee ith a guardian. I had to thtop her before thee did thomething dangerouth." I tried to explain, but it came out wrong.

"Even so, you kissed her." She sighed, and sat down next to me on her bed. "I can't blame you too much, after all, you could have used the Scorpio Power on someone." She shuddered, imagining how nasty that could have been.

The Sign Power is a unique ability that's different to each guardian. I'm basically the weapon of the zodiac. I can crush, then poison someone, just by doing the Darth Vader Choking gesture at them, then pointing. I've done it once to a mannequin, and it's not a pretty sight.

"Do thou reckon that Thuthannah wath uthing the Virgo Power in Hithtory clath?" I asked, as it seems highly likely.

"Looks like it. What do you reckon the Virgo Power is anyway?" Meygan replied, before jumping right in to answering the question anyway. Typical Aquarius.

"Well, typical traits are intelligence, practicality, pessimism, worrying, perfectionism and organisation. Any of those jump out at you?

"Well if thou're organithed, then thou can manage thour time. I think thee wath managing time in a different way." I replied, understanding it more.

"You mean stopping it, and travelling through time? That seems appropriate for a Virgo, but you've got to tell her." Meygan said, tilting her head about in that quirky way she does when she thinks. Her zodiac necklace, with its ameythyst stone and silver zig-zag symbol, jerks about on her neck.

"How? Thee'th gonna think I'm a thtalker or a rapitht. I'th got no chanthe."

"Then I'll get her over here, so you can. Leave it to me." Meygan takes out her phone, then calls her.

"Hello, is this Susannah. Have you lost your keys? You have! It's just, I found them today. Do you want to come over and pick them up? Ten minutes? Ok, I'll be waiting." She hangs up, and I'm dumbfounded.

"Thou liar. Thou didn't find them." I say, watching her point her finger through the air. There's a rap on the window, as her set of keys hover just outside it. I open it, and take them from the air.

"I used the Aquarius Power of manipulating water, to get them over here. See this little charm here? It's full of water. All I needed to do, was move it, and whaddya know? We've got an oppurtunity." Meygan explains, holding up a heart-shaped charm, thet acted like a snow globe.

"Thou are evil. Thou know that?" I'm impressed, and proud.

"I know, believe me, I know."

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