Zodiac Awakening

Twelve ordinary teenagers, all different signs of the zodiac, have been leading normal, different lives. However, a strange incident occurs, leaving them with unique powers that could change everything. However, an ancient cult has learned of their existence, and wants to snuff them out forever.


1. Virgo Is Alive


"You're beautiful, you know that? Absolutely stunning." My boyfriend whispers in my ear. His hot breath tickles compared to the cool night air.

"I love you." I reply, kissing him gently and passionately. I mean it too, as he's completely amazing. We've been together for 7 months, and he's fantastic.

"I never want to leave you, you know that. Alex and Susannah, forever. "We lean against the knobbly trunk of a maple tree, as the first few orange, red and golden leaves fall from the branches. Early Autumn has to be the most magical time of all, what with the leaves falling freshly, the delicate smells of pine and gingerbread permanently in the air, and my birthday.

"Forever, just like the stars." I look up at the sky, with the twinkling stars and swirls of galaxies doing their celestial waltz above our heads.

"Interstellar, you are. Completely interstellar." He pulls a thin box out of his pocket. The bottle green wrapping paper shines in the moonlight. "Happy 15th Birthday, angel." He hands it to me and I blush.

"Alex, you didn't need to." I can't stop myself smiling, as he's even more perfect.

"Open it."

I tear off the green paper, and lift off the navy-blue lid. "It's beautiful." I say, letting the supple, silver chain slink across my hand. A large reddy-orange stone hangs on the necklace, with a quirky silver symbol in the middle.

"Turn around a second; I'll put it on you." Alex takes the necklace in his hand, and slips it over my head. The cold silver chain sits on my skin, and the attatched stone shines delicately, with the symbol facing out to show the world.

"It's the symbol of Virgo, your star sign." Alex says, fixing the clasp. It's very intricate, like the letter "m" with an extra line crossing over the end one. "And if you look up there, you'll see your star sign." I look where Alex is pointing, and see the 12 stars shining. Brighter than anything else, and transfixing my gaze. I can't stop staring, as they get brighter and brighter, until they're like 12 suns. They're getting brighter and brighter, until the sky is full of yellowish-white light.  It's too bright now, and it's draining something from me, but I'm the Deer In The Headlights. Stuck staring, even as I feel the wet grass beneath my knees and something leaving me. I only stop staring, once my consciousness blinks out, like when there's a power cut and you're watching TV, it's gone.


I wake up god-knows how long later, to the bright sunlight of Autumn, Alisha Keys' Empire State Of Mind: Part 2, and the hot, slobbery licking of a huge dog.

"Get off, Buster!" I groan, sitting up so my Samoyed puppy, will stop trying to drown me. He's nearly full grown and looks like a piece of cotton wool with a face, with the sweetest nature ever.

I run my hand through my hair, trying to remember what happened last night. I was with Alex, in the big town park, and he'd just given me my necklace. I can't remember what else though. I stand up shakily in my crumpled tank top and cotton shorts (I definitely wasn't wearing them last night though) and staggered through to the bathroom, with Buster following me like a furry shadow.

It took 10 minutes in the shower before I began to clear the early-morning candyfloss that replaced my brain. By 7:30, I was back to normal again. I came down the stairs in my favorite jeans, white blouse new necklace and dark-green V-neck jumper (we don't have a uniform) with Buster lolloping along behind me. I went into the kitchen, where my mum was frying eggs and bacon, whilst singing along to the radio.

"Hey Sleeping Beauty, what happened to you last night? Alex was knocking at the door with you completely passed out over his shoulders. Said you'd fainted or something." Mum asked, flipping over a slice of bacon.

"I don't know. I just remember waking up normally this morning." I opened the fridge, and took out the carton of orange juice.

"Want some bacon and eggs? You can't go through the day on an empty stomach." Mum asked, unsticking a fried egg from the pan.

"No thankyou. I'm trying to go vegetarian, remember." I reply, getting a glass down. I used to love the taste of meat, but now I can't help but think of the animal now. Bacon and pork is the worst, especially after I got a micro-pig calendar for Christmas. They are so cute though.

"Alright then, flower child. You can starve." Mum replies, but I know she's only joking. I pour out some orange juice, taking a sip as it freezes my throat. Buster sits on the laminite floor, begging for scraps, the terrible scrounge.

"Anything interesting at school today?" Mum asks, watching me lean on the counter.

"Not really. Got History first, so it's not too bad." I replied, finishing off the glass.

"Well, you're gonna be late." I looks at the clock, and I jump in surprise. How could time have gone that quickly? I slip on my coat, pick up my bag, and head out the door.

It's a surprisingly cold day for mid-September, and the wind has a definite nip to it. I start walking across the fields to school, just like any other day.

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