This is for the Picture Prompt competition. The story is about Ajith, a boy of 21 working in a NGO. He along with his friends take a visit to the exotic islands near Andaman for a capturing the beauty of nature. But, it is they who are captured.


9. The Invasion

 Repercussions are the reincarnations of failures, a victory begotten is not always the enduring legacy it seems to be. If the oscillation that declares victory is the quintessential decider of poles at a given scale, then the oscillation that follows the decision also plays a part in the long run. It was at this point that Raj had left the thread dangling, at this point he had seized the victory and had beered it so much into it had that the alcohol of victory had glazed him. The zonk of triumph was always the pivotal point that steered towards doom. Raj had deemed us dead and his inhabitance at this point in The Island was blatant.

The tents grounded in the East off the ring of trees were like batons or lighthouses. If the smoke that ascended its way up into the dissolving darkness did not give them away, then their loud communion with each other ripped through the gloomy linen of darkness. We had a clearly sketched out plan to pursue and we were infested with enough anger conjured vermin to drive us to the extremities. It was just a matter between now and then and the THEN could only be calculated after I witnessed the reaction. The long omnipresent orb of conscience was now squished out and we could as well be taken for predators predating their preys. For the line that blurred the sensible and insensible had just been blurred.

We had discarded the “disperse and swallow” tactic for it was first suggested by our enemy and the counter of it might be employed by him. We knew we were walking on thin ice, we decided to penetrate through the west and arrive at the East attacking from the rear. Though this tactic might have been raped too many times, there was always the element of surprise that invariably tipped the iceberg. We did not have a plan to make tumble a maelstrom, but our plan was simple enough to be condoned as petulance by the condescending. Raj was one of them and if he expected resurgence then he would expect much better of us.

We slowly crept through the forests trying to be the shadows that lurked instead of beings that walked. The long tread did not exhaust us for we were in too much of an excitement to feel anything but pain. We reached the place and surveyed the battlefield. Instead of witnessing bare-chested barbarians gobbling pitchers of wine in ecstasy we were watching at doctors in coats entering in and out of the tents. The only disturbance to the silence was the shrieks etched into existence by agony not by jokes or frivolry.

We watched perplexed as the doctors handed in scissors to each other and operated in different tents. We decided that there was only one way to find out.

The boatman surveyed one of the doctors who was frequently passing on the scissors and the other flesh piercing tools. There were a total of three tents and mediating between them was the doctor we intended to attack. He was the core, the crux, by attacking the heart we could decimate the others, but we knew only careful scrutiny could win us this. We were four to three at this time, provided the patients could not combat we had the situation was at hand, but there was always chaos that gripped such spontaneous, clandestine missions. We had to recruit Sasha too, we knew her physical deficiencies would be consolidated by her mental crave for vengeance.

It was further decided that the regulator would be taken out by the boatman, the instruction were clear- knock out if you can, but no kills. We knew not, what shape the patients were in and we needed them at least for interrogation.

The regulators back was to us, so the boatman proceeded onto him and we three forked. The tents were pitched at a considerable distance, but were still in vicinity. One shout and the beans would spill. I was assigned the task of blacking out the resident of the left tent. The right tent was taken by Sasha for the doctor seemed frail enough for her to overpower. The tent that was capstone of the flat pyramid was for now unattended, but it was the extended task of the first drawer of blood to outfist the top one.

There was a time when all of them dispelled into their tents and it was at this time we had decided to attack. The idea was to capture them inside the confines of the tent. I neared the tent and jumped inside, the doctor whirled around and was about to throat a scream when I clasped my hand around his mouth and kicked him just above the groins. This proved to be a fatal mistake, for the impact was not fully delivered and the doctor recovered even before I could lower my feet. The mass of his body hid the bed for I was directly in line with him. I knew, I had to negotiate with him before doing anything. The doctor pushed me backwards to facilitate a punch.

He tried to knuckle me square in the nose, but I managed to block his path of attack just in the nick of time. My one hand was engaged in holding his, so his one hand too was trapped. I expected the doctor to try to squish his hand out and I had choreographed my next move if he did it. But the doctor swung with the other hand and I caught that one too. The next thing he did was to kick me and my leg was not blocker. The knee on caught in my abdomen and I bent forward by instinct. The doctor used the opportunity and leg of my hands, dove back, and let flay his leg in an incredible and single maneuver. The kick connected in my jaw and I cringed back in the shock. I had bit my tongue and blood oozed from it. I tried to sooth the place with saliva, but the pain magnified as I spurted out the concoction.

The doctor grinned and I heard a scream outside, I knew not whose it was.  I doubted if the boatman could have outmaneuvered the main guy. I was on the verge of blacking out and I very much wanted to, but there was still the resistance in me. The resistance was refusing to flee even after blood and sweat had leaked, I knew that this would boil down to death. The doctor’s visage was painted with something akin to happiness, but I knew it was not that. It was the injection of authority that bought on his smile. He moved out of my line of sight.

The sight was as gruesome, as gruesome could get. There was a body, spread across a bed and in it was a figure from which blood was dripping a forming a puddle in a bowl. The doctor roughly tilted the body and something spilled out, I could not even imagine what it could be. In the abdomen was a hole half stitched and from inside the darkness endless streams of blood were pouring. The doctor tossed the Something inside the body cavity, as if he were tossing vegetables in a cook pan.

“You know who we are, kidney smugglers, that’s what we are. But, find a doctor or a surgeon better than us in this whole fucking world and….. you won’t find them.  What do you think this thing fetches us? Well I will spare you the thinking, one million rupees hot cash. That is what we get for a simple harvest operation, do this in a hospital and they call us amateurs”,

I had to somehow rescue the patient, my own impotence in these matters made me rely on the doctor whose endless ranting was sucking the life out of the tribe. I did not know what to do, for I could not force the doctor to do it.

That is exactly when three men burst through the door. They were in uniforms; I wondered how the police officers had come to know of this. Only then did I realize that it was not the cops, but a detective agency our family had been long acquainted with. Two of the men were working on the doctor and were pressurizing him through varied treatments of instant physical torment to close the chasm. The other officer I instantly recognized to be the chief knelt down and warmed a smile. I smiled back and tried to get up. He understood my plight and helped me scramble to my feet.

“Let’s go out, too much blood to be smelt here, not the kind of place for casual talk”, he said.

I was not in a position to oppose besides the scene was already vomit emitting, so we walked out.

“How did you know”,

“Your mother sent us”,

I was confused for a second, and then the realization hit me. I had forgotten to call her upon reaching and she knew where I had gone. I put two and two together, but even two and twos were exertions enough. I blacked out.

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