Too Late

Tia appears to be the perfect student at school;she gets good grades, her teachers like her, she's popular, got herself a boyfriend and has brilliant looks. Except things arent as perfect as they seem - since her mum and dad broke up everything at home has been going pear- shaped. Everybody wishes they were her hen all Tia wants is to be them so she could be normal, her parents wouldnt swear over facebook and she could blend in with the background. One day Tia ends up having a heated argument with her mum and goes out clubbing before attempting to run away. Will her mum find her before it is too late???


1. Prologue

It was my eleventh birthday and I knew everything was perfect. My mum and dad had got me three baby rabbits that were later christened Splodge, Sammy and Spot. I spent all day playing with them and helping dad build a new hutch.Dad was a DIY man and worked as a plumber.when the hutch was finished we put Splodge Sammy and Spot inside and went back to the house because it had started to rain.

I then had my birthday tea, which was a chocolate pancake cake consisting of 11 layers of pancake and 1 layers of nuttella with 11 odd shaped candles on top. dad made us laugh by sprinkling champagne (by the way I GOT A GLASS) all over his chocolate pancakes. We then watched a very funny DVD and went to bed at 11 (which was my lucky number) and zoned out until 10 o'Clock the next day.

Everything was perfect that day, though I had no idea how bad things were going to get..


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