Diary of a 13 year old girl

dear diary,
the party was great!

dear diary,
i think im in love.

dear diary,

this is a personal diary (by me) i have written a diary since 2009, and im going to type up all my diary entries and when ive done all of that i can write more up-to-date things here!

hope you enjoy reading!


4. thurstay 4 march 2012

dear diary,

i love no-one. im watching the anne frank collection at school, she called her diary kitty and i think i want to call this diary teddy. im reading a book called *my war diary by flossie albright*. i think its true like anne frank's story, but im not sure. its really interesting anyways. mothers day is in 2 weeks, and i have already made a mothers day card for my mum and a sort of purse thing but for jewelary. i hope she will like it. mum and dad say im not behaving "properly" to them and that they wont give me the plug that i need for my internet to work until  im ''more polite'' to them which i personal dont find fair at all because the only reason im not being nice to them is because they started it.

let me explain:

1 mum and dad send me to bed at 8 o clock when my friends go to bed at 10. result: im annoyed

2 i get in to trouble for being mean towards parents or little bro because they are being unfair and annoying. result: im more annoyed

3 punnished more for being mean because im annoyed. result: im more annoyed


and so on. im sure you will understand me. i guess ill look on the bright side of things:


1 i have school and highschool starts after the summer in august (although thats not exactly good)

2 eater is soon- chocolate here i come!!!

3 i still have you, teddy. i am going to tell you all about me... im going to try to start fresh.

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