Diary of a 13 year old girl

dear diary,
the party was great!

dear diary,
i think im in love.

dear diary,

this is a personal diary (by me) i have written a diary since 2009, and im going to type up all my diary entries and when ive done all of that i can write more up-to-date things here!

hope you enjoy reading!


6. sunday 7th march 2010

dear diary,

                   sometimes i feel like writing everything down on paper like i am doing right now.  i feel like i just need to get it all recorded. get it all out of me... i dont know really... i have decided that im going to try and write every day. i think its like a special Challenge for me.

in january i made a huge mistake by telling mum "i dont mind going into daniels room" (my brother has a tiny box-room for his bedroom. he is 4 years younger than me) " he can have my room" i said. now to me i think of it like this "i do  mind sleeping in a tiny box room, i'm not going to give up my room so that my annoying brother can have it!" now im trying to think of

1) a way to get outa this mess


2) getting them to buy me something (like a sewing machine, or something) for it. 


soon im going to church, so ill have to stop writing soon. just one min ago i heard diana singing something on the radio! i thought she lost the x factor that it would be the end for her, but i think maybe someone else gave her a record deal. i totally love the way she sings, although her song isnt fab for her.... :)


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