Diary of a 13 year old girl

dear diary,
the party was great!

dear diary,
i think im in love.

dear diary,

this is a personal diary (by me) i have written a diary since 2009, and im going to type up all my diary entries and when ive done all of that i can write more up-to-date things here!

hope you enjoy reading!


5. Saturday 6th March

dear diary, 

                 sometimes, when my friends aren't with me, I feel like you are my only comfort! Yesterday was fabtastic! (bad spelling and utter un-wordliness i know) we watched episode 4 of anne frank in school, i loved every bit of it! i just want to say that i am going to make up my own words to write here, so i will write what they mean in each diary entry. its only saturday morning so i wonder if im going out anywhere with my family for a day out, of course id write what happened and where we go and all the details but the only thing is i dont even know if we are going out and if so i have no idea where we are to go!

-saras saturday words-

1)fabtastic= so good that its as good as fabulous and fantastic both together!

2) momento=every fab moment


later same day

dear diary,

                  ive just finished watching legally blonde. its amazing! i just want to write this down here so that i never forget it. i think its a quote or something, but just can get it out of my head: "always have courage in yourself" to be honest, im quite shy because when i first moved up to Scotland (im originally from England) everything was fine, and i made alot of friends,but then in primary 4, i got bullied because of my accent, and ever since then my self esteem has been pretty low, and alot of the time people still tease me. i have this feeling though, that when i move on to highschool in the summer, i can start afresh. leave the quiet me and become louder, and more popular. although i know i will never fully fit in here (or anywhere, i dont really want to blend in anyway...) i believe that i may have a chance to be the person i was before primary 4.

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