Diary of a 13 year old girl

dear diary,
the party was great!

dear diary,
i think im in love.

dear diary,

this is a personal diary (by me) i have written a diary since 2009, and im going to type up all my diary entries and when ive done all of that i can write more up-to-date things here!

hope you enjoy reading!


3. ripped out pages

in january-febuary i wrote some things about Cameron Don (who you will find out later.) in some time after i wrote these pages, my little brother read them and made fun of me. (my little brother is 4 years younger than me) so i decided to rip out these pages so that nobody else could see. i dont remember enough about these pages- it is just going to have to be a part of my life that i wont have recorded.


all that i can remember is that sometime during january-febuary i met Cameron Don, and I started liking him. alot. thats 3 years ago. i cant believe it.

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