Diary of a 13 year old girl

dear diary,
the party was great!

dear diary,
i think im in love.

dear diary,

this is a personal diary (by me) i have written a diary since 2009, and im going to type up all my diary entries and when ive done all of that i can write more up-to-date things here!

hope you enjoy reading!


2. 30 december 2009

dear diary, 

today i want to write about christmas. on christmas eve, just before tea i got changed into my good clothes and put on some super sparkly makeup. because my mum is polish, on christmas eve we get a polish christmas meal (in poland they celebrate christmas on christmas eve... dont ask) for starters we always have a beetroot soup, followed up by the main meal (fish, salad -cant remember the type- and cabbage) we also get small presents on christmas eve, although in poland they get their main presents on christmas eve. i got a bath set for my christmas eve present! i will try to write some more later in the day

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