When 14 year old Emma MacDonald bumps into teen heart throb Louis Tomlinson it's love at first sight. But will it last...


5. Wet Hair

Emma's P.O.V

I woke up with the warm sun shining down on my face. I dragged myself out of bed. My phone buzzed. Five new messages, whoops, I must have fallen asleep and not noticed. Most of them were from dad but I saw that one was from an unknown number.

"Hey :) It's me Lou xox" it read. I saved the number in my contacts and replied to him.

"Hiiya :) xox".

"U wanna cum 2 the beach wiv me & the boys? :) xox".

"Yeah okay, just gettin breakie ;) xox" .

"Ok, can u meet us there at 12? :) xoxox".

"Sure no probs xoxox".

Louis Tomlinson was texting me! I felt like screaming I was so excited. "Calm down Emma, all your going to do is embarrass yourself" I thought to my self. I quickly calmed down and looked at the clock. 11:30. CRAP! I had half an hour to have a shower, get changed, do my make-up and get breakfast. I rushed into the shower and let the cool water run down my body. The shampoo oozed out of the bottle onto my scalp while I washed my body with soap. I jumped out and dried my body with my towel. I scampered into my room with only a towel around me. 11:40 the little clock beside my bed read. "Arrrggghhh I'm going to be late" I thought to myself. I put on fresh underwear and some white shorts and a blue flowery top. There was no time to dry my hair, so I left it wet, hoping the sun would dry it pretty quick. I basically sprinted over to the desk where all my make-up lay. I didn't have time to mess around so I ended up with a little mascara and lip gloss. I slide into my flip-flops and charged out the door grabbing my key, phone and shades on the way. I text my dad on my way down to the beach and wished I had had more time to get ready. When I got down to the beach I discovered they were already here.

"Hey Emma" Niall said as he walked towards Lou. He was wearing shorts and a white top with his sunglasses hanging from it. His cute, blond hair looked really bright in the sunlight. I saw Harry and Zayn messing about in the sea with their tops off in the distance and Liam was lying on the sand reading a book. Lou looked up at me and smiled. My heart warmed up. It could be possible I was starting to have feelings for him. Not like a celeb crush like a lot of teenage girls but actual feelings.   

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