When 14 year old Emma MacDonald bumps into teen heart throb Louis Tomlinson it's love at first sight. But will it last...


2. Backflips

Louis's P.O.V

I was attacked as soon as I opened the door. A white, fluffy pillow came towards my face, and before I had any time to block it, it hit me. 

"PILLOW FIGHT!!!" Harry shouted. Before I new it all four of them tumbled on top of me and started beating me with the bags of feathers. Suddenly they went quiet. I looked up to see them looking awkwardly at Emma. 

"Ermm...hey" Liam said. They all burst out laughing. I stood up and saw that my shades had fallen to the floor and now had half of one lens sticking out. "Thanks guys" I thought to my self. "Embarrass me and break my sunglasses".

"I should probably introduce you guys. Liam, Harry, Niall and Zayn this is Emma. Emma this is Liam, Harry, Niall and Zayn" I sighed.

"Oh...your One Direction" She whispered her mouth curving upwards. My insides did a back flip. When I saw her I thought she was pretty but now...wow! Her eyes were a chocolate brown and her her long, messy, fair hair sat perfectly on her shoulders. She was small and skinny but had curves in all the right places. Even dressed in a casual white top and shorts she still looked stunning. She saw me staring and looked at the ground going a little pink.

"Yupp, that's us!" Zayn grinned. "Finally Lou, you actually found a normal girl that doesn't scream in our faces when she relieses its us". She looked at the white watch on her wrist.

"I should probably be going, my dad'll be wondering where I am" She said with a worried expression on her face.

"I'll walk you back" I offered. She looked up smiling and my insides did that weird back flip thing again. "You free tomorrow?" I asked as she walked out the door.

"Yeah, why?" Emma replied.

"Oh well you could maybe come hang with us... that's if you want to".

"Yeah okay". We walked in an awkward silence for a couple minutes. "I can't believe I didn't know it was you!" she snorted.

"Yeah, it's nice though, having a girl you can talk to without them screaming or begging for photos" I smiled at her. "So how long you here in America for?".

"Four weeks, what about you and the boys?" she asked.

"Same, but we're flying to Australia after".

"Lucky you. This is my room, so I'll see you tomorrow then?" She asked stopping outside room 338. Her chocolate eyes looked up at me. My stomach did another knot. 

"Yeah.." I said staring as she opened the door.

"Well, bye then".

"See ya..." I said as she walked inside. "Wait!" I called out louder than I expected. She looked at me. "Sorry I forgot to ask, what's your number?" I said blushing. Why was I blushing? I never did this with girls?

"07548130817" she giggled. God, even her laugh was cute.

"Thanks. So I'll see you tomorrow then, I guess" I smirked.

"Yeah, byeee". I walked back to my room with the biggest grin on my face.

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