When 14 year old Emma MacDonald bumps into teen heart throb Louis Tomlinson it's love at first sight. But will it last...


1. Meeting

Emma's P.O.V

I was just moving towards my hotel room when someone barged into me. I fell to the floor and a great pain shot up my arm. I  groaned. Just my luck. I'm probably going to have a massive bruise on my arm for the whole week I'm here. 

"Are you okay? I'm sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going..." A kind voice said above me. I looked up and saw this man for the first time. He had messy brown hair and shades that covered up his eyes. He was wearing a stripy blue top and bright red chinos that reached just above his slender ankles.

"Yeah, I'm fine" I said squinting my eyes. Who was he? Who was he? I recognized him from somewhere.  It didn't help the fact he was staring at me. I could feel myself burning up. He reached out his hand offering to help me up. I took it. It was warm and soft. 

"You wanna come to my room?" The man asked me. I hesitated. I didn't know who this guy was.  He looked at me and saw I wasn't sure. "Don't worry I don't bite." He said winking.

"Yeah, why not." I shrugged. We walked along the corridor in an awkward silence. 

"Oh, I didn't catch your name?".

"Emma." I answered. "And you?". He stared at me for a second in disbelief. Did I know this guy? Surely he recognized me?


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