The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


38. Wall

No one was in my dream last night but Justin. At first he was so far away, but each time I called his name, he got closer. Finally he was just a step away, but there was some kind of wall between us. I could hear him perfectly and he could hear me. Finally the wall dissapeared and we were reunited. The only problem was, we couldn't speak. The sound barrier broke but then he dissapeared. Then I woke up. I twist the towel around my hair. I finished my makeup then started down the hall. I open the door to where Candra is. She's lying sprawled across the bed, pillows covering her face. I laugh quietly. Her hand sticks up and so does her midde finger. I laugh louder this time, fling a tdoor open and sit next to her. She rises from the pillows reminding me of a zombie. " Whats up?" I ask. " My head is pounding!" She cries holding her head, her platinum blonde hair sticking out everywhere. I laugh," Told you not to drink." She gives me a you-better-not-even-bring-that-up look. I hold my hands up, " If you know what's good for you, you won't go back on campus." " I'm just gonna chill here." Her Australian accent is slurring the words more than they are. " Fine by me, I have to go to a meeting." I say standing up. " Have fun." She says," Oh by the way, saw a guy at the bonfire, he totally knew you. When everyone asks why he was wet, he said you tripped him." She falls back onto the sea of pillows. Wow that's Intresting.


" Gazebo in the garden?" A construction worker with blue prints asks. I nod," Yes the stairs have to lead to the garden." " The stairs will be from the left side of the pool deck?" He asks. " Yes." I say. " Okay." He says before turning around. " What tile do you want?" Another worker asks. " Glass." I answer. The giant oval table is filled with construction workers who are assigned to diffrent parts of the house. " Wait that's for the pool right?" I ask. " The master bathroom." He corrects me. " Oh, I haven't decided yet but for the pool tiles I want glass." I tell the floor guy. " Foyer?" He asks writing stuff down. " Marble, white." I answer. " Master closet?" The same guy asks. " Carpet and I'm not sure of the color yet." I reply. I look at the clock, holy crap it's five," I'll email you the colors I want and the rest of the flooring details by nine Tommrow." I say before heading out the door and decending down a hall. " Hi daddy." I say answering my ringing phone. " Hey pumpkin! How'd the meeting go? Did you decide on flooring?" He asks. " It went great. I'm finishing the details and you'll have by Tommrow." I reply pressing a elevator button. " Are you doing marble?" He asks. " Yes, foyer and the bathrooms. I think." I say stepping in the elevator. " Just go over the plans, everything will turn out perfectly." He assures me. He sounds worried. " It will." I assure him. I step through the elevator to see a big water fall. It has Hansen Construction in the middle and water falling around the silver letters. " Of course of course." He says. " How's Transylvania?" I ask. I don't know why but the chose to stay there. I think it has something to do with trees though. " It's nice, lots of trees. A good place to start building cabins." He replies. I knew it had something to do with trees! " Good for the lungs as you mother would like to say." He quotes, " Did Izzy call you?" I'm at the front door, " Why would she?" I ask walking through the door. " She said she had something important but she never told me." He replies," Anyway must be going. Good bye." " Bye." I say. Conversation with me and my dad don't last very long. Conversations with mom can go on forever though. Ping! " Saw your cousin last night, she's from Australia right?" It's Harry. " Yes, she is. Well sorta, just lived there for a long time, picked up the accent." I send. Where's my keys? I feel my pockets, nope. I feel around my purse, bingo! " She sure is fun like one." Harry texts. " She is, not in the morning though." I reply. Candra is really fun. Just too young to have that kind of fun. " Lol, does she have a hangover?" He asks. I adjust a mirror before I pick up my phone," Yes, she just turned 17, if her or my parents find out, I won't have a head." " That won't be good." He says. You don't say? " Agreeable. I like my head." I'm at the front gate as my phone starts pinging. " Photoshoot Tommrow eight am?" Tanya asks. " Sure." I hit reply, another Ping! " Most people do." Harry says. " Idk anyone who doesn't." I reply honestly. Ping! " Dude!!!!! Our vaca might be coming to an end!!!!" Anna texts, I can already sense the urgency. " Y?????" I text pressing the code into the second key pad to get to the garage. " Some1 found out about underage drinking at a party last night." She replies. I stop the car right where I am. Between the gate and garage, turn the car off and start towards the house.
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