The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


2. V.I.P

"Justin these beautiful ladies are yours." the bulky security guard gestures towards us even though the man's back is turned towards us. 

"Thanks," The tall guy we just spent two hours watching on stage replied.

The security guard nods then takes off. "Hi, I'm Tiffany" Tiffany speaks after an awkward side glance sent my way and a somewhat silent moment when he never greeted us. 

"So you must be Ashley." The one, the only, Justin Bieber turns around and makes eye contact with me. I nod. "Its very nice to meet you, so where do you want to start?" Justin asks a smile gracing his face.

 "Can we see the stage?" I ask the inner curiosity gnawing at me. "The stage is where all the magic happens, it only makes sense!" Justin answers with much appreciated enthusiasm as it did reassure my earlier thought about how much he probably hates back stage tours.

"How many times have you performed here?" Tiffany asks, she was typing things into her phone. " About four or five times." he replies, his arms are draped around our shoulders like we were old friends. " That's quite a few," Tiffany says impressed. We are now behind huge black curtains.

" The opening is right about ... here," Justin tells us walking into the curtain, he failed at going through the curtain; we couldn't help but laugh. " So I'm guessing it's not there." I mention through  my laughter. " Me too." Tiffany quickly adds still typing on her phone." "Me three." Justin adds shaking his head.

He walks a little further then pointed," here it is." Then walks through the opening in the curtain. We follow him on to the huge stage, the lights were bright. His black shirt took in the light and the light reflected off of his white shoes.

"Okay if I had to perform on here I would die." Tiffany confesses her stage firght. "That's what i thought, then my guitarist told me to only look at the prettiest girls." Justin slyly remarks. Tiffany's phone started ringing and she gives an eye roll," I gotta take this." She saunters off towards a ring with a "Yes, mother?" 

"Looking at all my fans just reminds me why i'm up here. but tonight I kept getting distracted, there was just this one person who i couldn't take my eyes off of." Justin pipes up. I was looking around at the vast space in the arena. "That must have been really difficult to perform," I frowned knowing how an distracting audience can be. "It's alright at least I get to confront my distraction?" He shares pacing around the stage looking at the lights with me. "That's good, you have to tackle things head on," I muster a smile trying to be encouraging but I fear I'm being awkward. I'm literally in the presence of Justin Bieber and he's having a conversation with me of all people. "Well i don't think the way to a date would be to tackle you, would it?"  

'Oh he is smooth' is all i could think of when the his words hit me. A smirk made a way to my face along with a chuckle., "Tackling me would most definitely not result in a date." 

"Well then I'll just have to ask. Would you like to go out with me sometime?" He asks a smile gracing his ever adorable face. 

"That worked a lot better than a tackle," I smiled at him. 

"I know the perfect place," He smiles as he hands me his phone. I insert my contact my info and hand his phone back to him. "How does next Friday sound?" 

"It sounds perfect," I tell him.

Tiffany's heels were clicking against the stage, "Okay goodbye." Tiffany walks back over and asks,"So what did I miss?" "Nothing much, just that the arenas haunted." I say as an excuse, i'll tell her all about it later. "Wow that's crazy but we have to leave." she adds ," My parents are flying to Tokyo in an hour and i have to go pick up my moms luggage because she doesn't want to bother anybody else, I am so sorry." "Oh, its fine." I dismiss. "I gotta go too," Justin says, " It was great meeting you." "You too." I add. Tiffany is texting like crazy on her phone. 

"I'll see you on friday." He smiles at me reaching for my hand and bringing it to his lips," Until then."

I'm in awe, but Tiffany snaps me out of it pulling me away muttering something. 


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