The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


55. Up and downs

" Hello." I say into the phone. " Hey babe, how's your day heard anything interesting?" Justin rushes to say. " No not really." I say folding a shirt," Why?" " You remeber that interview on Saturday?" He asks. " Yeah, it was just a couple days ago." I reply. " I just wanted to know if you read it." He says. " Not yet I have the article right here." I say grabbing the magazine and start flipping through it. " You really shouldn't read it, it's not very interesting." He comments. " Why don't you want me to read the article?" I ask stopping at the article," It looks fine." I scan the first page, second page. They look fine, wait what!? " Is there going to be a wedding soon? During the interview Ashley excused herself for a minute because she felt light headed and experienced nausea." The magazine reads. " What? I I I don't understand, what?" I murmur into the phone. " You read it." He concludes. " It's fine, all you have to do is do stuff woman who are expecting wouldn't do." He says. " So you want me to go get wasted and smoke in front of people?" I ask mortified. " No, no, just uh pregnant woman don't wear tight clothing right? So don't wear loose clothes." He says. " Just because we're in this situation I'm going to pretend that you didn't just say that. I'll handle this." I say. " How?" He asks. " Tayna does impossible things." I answer. " Okay." He says," Love you." " Love you too, bye." We hang up.
" You have to fix this!" I sob. She pats my back," Don't worry." " This," I cry," Will. Ruin. My. Reputation." I say crying," I was just. At a party the. Night before." " Don't worry, I will fix this." she says. " How?" I cry again. " Trust me. This story will be history by evening tonight." She promises," Now get cleaned up." She says standing up. I bury my face inside my arms, I hear the door shut and sit up. That was quite easy actually. I wipe mascara off my cheek," This might help." Hannah the house keeper, says handing me a washcloth. " Thank you." I say wiping the mascara off. I hear another door shut. That article better be erased forever. " Did something between you and Justin happen?" Anna texts me. " No why?" I reply. " Are you sure. Nothing big? A new friend or something?" She contuines. " Stop reading the magazine!" I text back," And no! Nothing happened!" " Are you really..." Harry texts. " No." I reply. More texts are blowing up my phone. This is all your fault Justin! The thought of this is making me feel nauseated. I trudge upstairs to my room, throw on pajamas and hide in my bed. I pull the curtains shut so now it's dark. Now I'm happy. I need a dog or something. I don't know why, I just do. I grab the bear Jazmyn and Jaxon gave me. The phone keeps going off with message alerts. I shove it under the pillows. Tayna needs to get this out of the news! Justin's ringtone starts ringing," Hello." I say. " How are you holding up?" He asks. " Well lets see, my phone is full of " is it true?", millions of people think I'm pregnant, I hope my family's on some retreat, how do you think I'm doing?" I ask," How are you doing?" " I'm getting a lot of " Nice job, you knocked up your girlfriend." He says. My phone starts beeping," Hold on." I say to Justin. " Hello?" I say to the other person. " Hello Ashley, the little problem is over." Tayna says back. " Really?" I ask. " Of course." She says taken back. " Sorry, thanks. Are you sure?" I say. " Yes, the magazine just released a statement saying that its not true." She concludes. " Oh my god thank you." I say. " Of course, of course. Must go, good bye." She says. " Hey." I say to Justin relieved. " You sound diffrent." He says. " Because it's over, I guess." I reply. "What did you do?" He asks. " Tayna called the magazine." I say. He sighs. " I'm going to go to bed now." I tell him, I'm exhausted I want to sleep. " Its only five." He says. " I could care less." I reply. " Okay." He says.
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