The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


43. To Anna's then back...

" Anna?" I call as I open her door. " Anna?" I repeat stepping inside and shutting the door. " Ashley, thank goodness your here," Anna says running down the stair case," I have no idea what to wear." " I thought your mom sent you something." I remark remembering Anna's mother's gift. A pink party dress that looks like it'd fit a twenty two year old. " There's no way I'm wearing that thing!" She says jogging up the stairs. " Why not?" I ask following her. " Because, this is a party, not a cocktail party so therefore that dress is not needed to get wasted in." Serrena says popping her head out of Anna's bedroom. " Besides, that dress is waaay to flashy." Emily comments flipping through a fashion magazine. " Seriously what are you wearing." Molly asks. " Probably just jeans and a top." I answer sinking into a beanbag. " It's supossed to be hot." Serrena informs. " Then probably I don't know." I say. " Where were you anyways?" Anna asks. " Shopping, where else?" I ask. " Oh, what did you buy?" Emily asks. Jeans, fur boots, and a parka. "Shoes." I say. " Oh we should wear those shorts that have our initials on them!" Molly says. " Perfect! Go and get them and be back here at six." Anna instructs. " And break!" Serrena says throwing a jersey out of her hands and running down stairs.

" Ash?" Justin calls out. " In here!" I shout from my closet. I'm looking through a chest for those shorts I haven't seen in months. " Whoa, clothes avalanche." He says. " Sort of." I confess still searching. Anything that's not bright orange, I throw over my shoulder. White, black, green, black lace thing, I don't have time to look at. Other black lace thing I don't have time for. " Whats this?" Justin says. I turn around and see him holding the black lace lingerie. " Give me that!" I say taking it from his hands. " So what was that for?" He asks picking up pink lace under ware. I take it from him. " A magazine." I reply buring them in the chest before shutting it. " Where's that issue?" He asks looking around. " Did you need something?" I ask opening a drawer to a dresser. Oh more lingerie. I shove the drawer closed before he can see. " Oh yeah, what are you doing Sunday?" He asks. Mental calendar, " err, we leave saturday for Pittsburg." " Okay, Tuesday?" He asks. " Holiday for German students so nothing." I say. Aha! Here they are! I pull out the bright orange pair of shorts. There's A written across the bottom in jewels. " K perfect." He says. I know he wanted me to go to the AMAs with him but I cant. I turn around to see him petting Pac, maybe he'll take him. " Those are some pretty bright shorts." He comments, " are you going running?" " Haha very funny." I say. " Do you still have that magazine?" He asks. " It's a New York issue so, it's around here somewhere." I say looking around. I look at my watch, it's five twenty five. " Let me know if you find it." He says. I roll my eyes. " When ever I come in your closet I get lost in it. You should make a map." He teases. " I can say the same about yours." I tease. We walk down stairs. " Your coming to the party right?" I ask when we're at the door. " Yes, I can bring people right?" He says. I nod. I can hang out with his friends and he can hang out with mine, we just never mixed them together before. " Lets see how our experiment works." He says leaning down. " It'll be very interesting." I say leaning towards him. " Oh by the way don't bring Pac. Anna does not like them and there's pesticides everywhere." I inform him. He sighs," Okay I won't." We kiss. " Love you." He says. " Love you." I reply. He walks out. I plop on the couch and yawn. Why am I so tired? A quick nap won't hurt.

" Did you know," Liam begins. " That no one cares." Niall finishes. " Not that. That," Liam protests. " Still no one cares." Niall interups. " Do you agree with him Ashley?" Liam asks. I look up from what Harry's doodling," Don't bring me into this." I look back down at his doodle. " So what were you going to say?" Zayn asks. " That if," Niall cuts Liam off," You need stop saying did you know." Liam throws something at him. " Forget it." He gives up. " Thank you!" Louis says. " What are you drawing?" Zayn asks changing the subject. " Should we show them?" Harry whispers. I nod. He turns the iPad around. " Am I a tree?" Niall asks. " I'm an owl." Zayn says turning back to the tv. " I'm the rock." Louis says. " I'm the shrub." Liam comments. Harry and I can't help but laugh. Harry drew them as part as a scene from the Wizard Of Oz. " Why would you draw that?" Louis asks. " You could've been Dorthy,Niall could've been the scare crow, Liam the tin man and Zayn the cowerdly lion." Harry answers. " I'm good with a tree." Niall says. " Whatever lets go." Zayn says standing up and walking to the door. They all follow him except us. " Are you guys coming?" Liam asks. " I think we're going to stay here." Harry says. " Suit yourself." Louis says. They leave. " So what do you want to do now?" I ask. " Oh I think I have an idea." Harry answers leaning his head towards me. " Why that's a fantastic idea." I reply leaning towards him.
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