The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


44. Then back to Anna's

Such a werid dream. I glance at my watch. Better get to Anna's, but I should change first. Oh my god! The perfect outfit just popped into my head. These shorts, a pair of sneaker wedges, and some sort of top. Most likely white or something. All I know is I need to go get those wedges. I run up the stairs and run up some more stairs. Where are they? Where would I keep them, with wedges or sneakers? Most likely wedges! Aha! Here they are. Black or grey? Black to match the cute top I'll wear. Perfect! I touch up my mascara and eyeliner because my foundation looks fine. Im out the door now. 

" You do look like your going running." Justin says putting his arm around my waist. " Totally!" Alfredo says drinking the rest of whatever's in his cup. " Are you matching the other four fluorescent colors?" Justin asks. " Yeah, Anna made us." I say taking a sip of beer. I'm limiting myself to one. Justin seems to have a very high tolerance because he's on his third. " Your definitely the brightest." He says smiling. I smile at him. " I'm going to go find Anna." I say seeing her boyfriend. He's kissing some girl. " K." Justin says kissing me on the cheek. Anna's house is on some sort of hill. It goes on flat for a little while then at the end there's a really tall gate. Then it's slowly falls. So like a cliff. I start off to find her. Let's see, Emily's dancing with her boyfriend, Molly is flirting with the D.J, Harry's doing belly shots with some brunette, Serrena's making out with some guy. Wait, double take, Harry's here? Who invited him? Oh there's Anna, in a giant group of people. " Hey Anna I need to tell you something." What is it?" She asks pulling me into the large group. " Danny's over there swapping spit with some girl." I whisper. " What!?" She says. She throws her beer bottle on the ground and storms across the back lawn. " What's up with her?" A guy asks. I follow her. " You dick!" She yells. " How could you?!" She yells again. " Whoa babe, we can work this out." Danny says pushing the girl off of him. " Work what out?" She snaps. " Were done." She snaps before storming inside. " Whats going on?" Justin asks me. "Anna's having boyfriend troubles." Emily says coming up behinds me. " We should go talk to her." Serrena says following Molly. " I'll be there in a sec." I say. " Justin, I really need to talk to Anna." " It's ok," He says unphased," Go talk to her. Get her to come back to her party." He's so understanding. " See you later." I say kissing him on the cheek. " Ashley!" Emily calls. I rush into the house. " Where is she?" I ask. " Dunno." Serrena answers. There's a crash, sounds like glass shattering. " Her room." We all say in sinc. We all run up the stairs. " Wait, isn't your boyfriend like a football player?" Molly asks Serrena. Serrena nods. " Get him in his football friends to throw him in the pool." Molly continues. " Perfect! I'll go tell him." Serrena runs off. " Anna we have a plan. A payback plan." Emily says. A vase flys by the doorway and shatters against the wall.

" Ready." Serrena's text reads. " Their ready." I say over the music. Why didn't Danny leave? " Ready for what?" Justin asks. " You'll see." Molly answers. " Where is he?" Anna asks. " Right there." Emily says nodding towards a big group of football players. " Hey!" Danny say as four of the guys pick him up," Put me down." " You cheated on one of our friends." One of them says. " What happened to bros before hoes?!" Danny asks. " You aint no bro and she ain't a hoe." Another football guy says. " Where are you taking me?" He asks as they start toward the pool. " You should swim with the fish." " Too bad this isn't the ocean." Some guys say. " Wha-" Danny begins but is literally drowned out by water. " Woo!" Everyone cheers. Justin squeezes my hand. Where'd Alfredo go? He was here a second ago. Oh well. I glance at Justin who looks really drunk. You might wanna get him home." Anna nudges me. " Your most likely right." I reply. " Did you stay in your limit?" She asks. " Of course. We're still going shopping Tommrow right?" I asks pulling Justin back towards me as he tries to walk off. " Of course!" She replies. We laugh. She walks off and I drag Justin up some steps. He's babbling something about cows. Driving home with him is even funnier. " I have to tell you something, come on." He insists. " Okay what is it?" I ask following him into his house. " Wait for it." He says pulling me into his bedroom. He jumps onto his bed," Come on!" I lay down next him. " Ok what do you have to tell me?" I ask. " Lets see, Pac seems to be having nightmares about tv," He sounds like he's sorting through a list," My favorite shirt is missing, and your extremley beautiful." He says kissing me. He pulls me on top of him. He wraps his arms around me and starts kissing my neck. " Justin, I need to go." I say. " No you don't." He says. " Yeah I do." I say. " You can't leave without keys." He replies. Did he really take my keys? " You can't drive when you've ingested alcohol." He reminds me. I manage to get off of him but he stills holding onto my hand. He kicks off his shoes I do the same. " Justin's keeping me held captive." I text Anna. " Have fun." She replies. " I'll have you know I drove perfectly." I comment on his alcohol remark. " Its not safe." He protests. " If I stay the night," I begin. " Which you are." He adds. " I need my purse." I finish. " Ok." He says," Its unlocked." I walk outside and grab my purse and a pair of sweat pants and a shirt. " Welcome back!" He says when I walk in. I go into the bathroom and change. I scrub off my make up also. I walk out and lay back down. " Nice to see you Ms.Hansen, your looking gorgeous as ever." He says. He also changed.
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