The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


96. The truth

Ashley's POV
That noise, the beeping noise. The annoying noise. Someone turn it off. I groan as it persists, I feel a slight pressure on my hand but it wasn't a lot. The pressure feels comforting, i blink my eyes open very slowly. The first thing I see is Justin, well the top of his head. I look around and see wires and tubes, this all looks too familiar, oh no! The beeping noise picks up and Justin looks at me with a huge grin spreads across his face he has bags under his eyes, and his hair is a mess, "You're awake!" "Why am I in a h-hospital!?" I say very nervously trying not to move, I don't like the fact that there's tubes and wires hooked up to me, it disturbs me to think there's tubes going into me. Wait a minute why is my noise itchy? I look down and see tubes going into my nose. "Get them off me!" I yell, the beeping erupting quickly again. A man I've never seen before appears, he's wearing a white coat, oh god a doctor," Ashley, you're in a hospital, you were in a car accident my name is Richard Miller, I'm a doctor here with the hospital," he explains. I remember that part. "Do you remember him?" Doctor Miller asks motioning toward Justin. I nod, "Okay, before you see anyone else were going to do a few tests," he says, we do the little light test where they put a light in your eye and bug you and some other tests. "Okay, other people can come in now," he tells us. Justin explains that there's a few people here, Sam, Jc, Ricky, Kian, Trevor, and the Conner walk in saying their hi's and thank god you're alright. Next a blonde girl who seems familiar but I can't quite say who she is, along with three guys enter. "Justin, who are these people?" I ask. "Well that's Jc and sa-" he begins but I cut him off. "Not them," I point to the girl and three guys," Them." "Oh, this is Izzy, one of your younger sisters, and her boyfriend Prodigy, and that's Scooter and Ryan." He says. "She doesn't remember!" The Izzy girl sobs. Excuse me? Why is she crying? She wasn't in a car crash and she isn't hooked up to a bunch of different machines that are creeping her out. How inconsiderate can this girl who is supposedly my sister, be? "The doctor said you might experience some temporary amnesia," Justin tells me. I talk to Jc and the guys for a few minutes as Justin goes and talks on the phone. Jc and the guys leave, and as for the inconsiderate girl, she's crying talking on the phone with our mom and dad. "Justin," I say. "Yes babe?" He replies. "What about the announcement?" I ask. "It's all taken care of, don't worry," He explains. The wedding, the announcement was like supposed to be recent! No no! It's all wrong now! I groan and a sharp pain pinches me in my side causing me to groan again. "What time is it?" I ask him. He gave me a strange look," It's around 5:30, why?" "Just wondering," I reply... He continues to give me a strange look. "What?" I question. "You're very calm, that's all," he answers simply. "Just give it a minute and I'll remember what else needs to be taken care of, for example our dog?" "A.J. Is fine, I promise." "Where's my phone?" I ask after a moment of contemplation. "Well you see in the crash, your car, it kinda exploded a little after the police showed up," he says rubbing the back of his neck, his words causing me to gasp. My phone! My precious precious phone! My purse! One of my favorite purses! I should just die now. "Ashley the insurance is already taking care of everything," he insures me. I become aware of the iv's going into my arms again. "When can I leave?" I ask him, I've suddenly become ancy trying to ignore the fact that there's a plastic tube going into my skin. Tubes aren't supposed to go into your skin, your skin is supposed to keep bad things out like plastic, plastic can be toxic, watch I'm going to get poisoned for the plastic and have to come back here and their not going to able to do anything about it because all of the country's supply of this particular  tubing has been contaminated. So now that I can't be treated, the bacteria overrides my brain, and I become a zombie. Then the apocalypse will start!  All because of me! "Tomorrow after noon," Justin snaps me out of my fear. I ease back into the bed to try and forget about all the wires, failing at my attempt, I distract myself. The pain is still gnawing at my rib cage and I grit my teeth to attempt to subdue the pain. "Whats wrong?!" He asks a sudden urgency in his voice, "Where are you hurting?" He asks. I can't get the words out before he's calling for a nurse and she comes running in injecting a syringe into a tube that runs in my arm. I glare at Justin but unnaturally my glare softens as the pain resides allowing me to fall back into the bed. His face is rather blank as he observes what has just happened so quickly. I feel the medicine have it affects on me, my body is relaxed and I've reached a point to wear I'm barely moving, my breathing is steady and calm. It's as if I move this state would completely break and shatter and I'd be a shaking mess. My eyelashes began to feel heavy, they feel as if someone tied little anchors to each every lash. Once my eyes are finally closed I can feel Justin watching me. My hand falls open at my side and within seconds I can feel the warmth from Justin's hand in my hand. 


I've learned to stand completely straight now, the pain from my broken ribs subsided due to numerous legal drugs. Justin held my hand as we walked into my house. A.J. Was quickly at my feet yapping and jumping causing me to have a small smile. Justin led me upstairs and to my room. It was six fifty seven that's at least what the clock on my desk read. Justin was being careful when he touches me, as if I would break. "Bed rest, that's what the doctor ordered," He reminds me. "I think I can take a shower," I mumble. I wanted to wash my hair which had become disgusting. I really need to wash my face and remove the grime. "Do you need my help? I could always accompany you," He offers. If it were different circumstances I would probably consider his offer but I wanted to be alone, for a few minutes anyways. I shake my head slowly. "Okay, I'll go start the water," he tells me before disappearing into the bathroom. I walk into my closet studying the ground to avoid the mirrors. I have not had the misfortune of looking in a mirror yet, I would like to keep it that way for a little while. The pair of sweat pants and the t-shirt are thrown into the hamper as I pull a silk robe on. I keep studying the ground as I walk into the bathroom. Justin is in there putting a towel on a hook. The heat of the shower is already creating steam. "Thank you," I tell him before kissing him. He smiles," Just call me if you need me," he tells as he is walking out of the bathroom. I drop my robe to the ground and step into the shower. This was a bad idea. The water is warm but the cuts are burning causing me to jump out of the stream of water. The doctor said to only bathe for 5 minutes max so the stitches won't get ruined. If I can't stand under water how am I supposed to shower? This is going to hurt like hell. I step back into the water and it hurts at first, but after a minute or two the pain subdues, and I quickly wash my hair and remove the dirt from my face. It would probably help to know where the cuts are on my face but I'm too scared to look at what has happened. As I press the button on the pad for the shower I feel cleaner, like pounds of disgusting build up had been washed away. I wrap a towel around me and carefully towel dry my hair, trying not to move to much so I won't feel the pain in my ribs. When I finish with my hair I carefully change the bandages around my stitched and certain cuts. As I finish and reach for a comb on the counter, something catches my eye so I look up. I look straight into the mirror. The breath that I once had is gone. This isn't me, my skin use to be flawless now a girl with a bruises and cuts all over her body states back at me, my left arm has a full bandage, there's a set of stitches from my belly button to the center of my chest, another set of stitches follows on part of my butt that matches another set on my forearm. My body is completely ruined, tears started falling down my cheeks, a scream echoed as I fell down, sobbing. My career is over. As i struggled to breath, I felt a blanket wrap around me as I sobbed. "It's okay babe, it's okay," Justin whispers. I'm so ugly, I'm completely destroyed, I look so hideous with all my bruises and bandages. "Hey, look at me," Justin tells me lifting my chin with his fingers, "look at me." I open my eyes and stare into his,"There is nothing wrong with you. You are perfect, you will always be perfect no matter what." He tells me. "It's over it's all over!" I sob into his chest. "Nothing is over, I promise," he says trying to calm me down. "I can never model again, I'm ruined why do you even want someone who looks like this?!," I continue to cry. "No you're not, you've just reached a set back, all you need is time. It doesn't matter how you are on the outside, you could die your hair green and get facial tattoos and I would still love you. All I care about is who you are on the inside and that's the most beautiful, caring, fun, kind hearted person I've ever met. Please, don't ever say any of that again!" He begs. His words stop the tears from falling. He thinks that about me? I feel a smile form. I hug him and he hugs me back, smiling into his neck and I can feel him sigh. He picks me up and sets me on my feet, he must be working out more. I guess I just haven't noticed. I turn to go get changed and he walks back into the bedroom. I change into a shorts and a large t-shirt which I actually think is one of Justin's. He's already laying in bed in gym shorts. When he notices me he smirks,"I like my shirt on you," he comments. "How'd you know it's yours?" I tease cuddling next to him. "It has my initials on it," he tells me. "Where?" I question now curious. "On the front pocket," he smirks. I look down at the front pocket it and see small white embroidery I pull the shirt out a little bit to examine it better. And at the corner laid the initials J.B. In cursive font. "I guess you're right." I say. "Yeah and now everyone knows you're mine." He says. I kiss his jaw, "It doesn't need to be proven."  He's a little possessive I must admit but it's cute. 
I wake up and look at the clock five nineteen, why am I awake so early? I glance around and Justin's presence is missing, my heart sank a little. Wondering where he could be I carefully stood up. I may look a wreck but the fact that Justin said all the things he said the previous made my heart swell and I didn't know it was possible but it made me love him even more. I loved everything about Justin, his laugh, his humor, the way he actually cares about his fans even though most people believe he doesn't. He's human, yes he's made mistakes but everyone has, you are not human if you haven't. I don't think people should say the things they do about him. There have been countless times that he's been very upset about all the hate he gets and it makes me sad to see him the way he gets. I wish he saw what all of his Beliebers see. Haters are going to hate but to an extent it needs to stop. I've gotten hate from dating him and Harry, but it wasn't all that constant. I see why Justin sometimes does things he does you know drugs and such but I still don't think he should. He thinks I shouldn't drink, oh well. Some things never change.  



A.N. Don't kill me! I've been doing my best to drag these chapters out, I've been staying up really late for these and I know their short and I'm sorry! But they are not easy to write! It's like ughhhhhhhhhh! I'm writing for who ever still reads these because I honestly feel like I'm writing to no one. If whoever is still reading this could some how show me you are reading this by commenting or something I will probably be a little more motivated to write these! But be warned standardized tests will be coming shortly -.-  anyways thanks for reading if you are. I suck at updating I know I know. Sorry...

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