The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


19. The resturant

Okay i have to admit, this is a pretty amazing resturant. We just finished desert. The date is amazing, Justin is amazing. His eyes, his smile,his hair is also pretty amazing too i have to admit it. He's talking about hockey. I hate hockey, well field hockey atleast. Ice hockey isn't that bad. Besides that it's freezing, it's a preuttty entertaining sport. What's the point of field hockey anyways? It's like why is the hotel celing yellow? The world may never know. The waitor comes by and sets the book on the table.We're walking out of the resturant and like always, there's a mob of paparazi. Justin just ignores them, and we contuine walking.Pretty soon their all gone. We're walking down a strret lined with skyscrapers,"I told you they'd get bored and leave." Justin says breaking the silence. "okay, so maybe you were right." I say, we're also across the street from a movie thethere. "Maybe? I was right." He says.I roll my eyes, "Fine, your right." I say giving up. He smiles and leans in to kiss me. I'm glad i'm wearing heels he's only one or two inches taller than me but still. "Oh my gosh it's him!" We hear someone shout, we pull away and look behind us. It's a group of girls who look to be about fifteen or sixteen."Shi-" but that's all he can get out before he's cut off by screams.The girls are running at him. I s to the side and he's running. The girls are chasing him, I can't help but laugh.I look to see him turning down a street corner.


Who invented the shower? I really dont care, i'm just happy they did. The only problem is, the room is still freezing. Isn't there like a thermostat somewhere? Justin texted me saying that he was fine, he was sorry and some other stuff. I'm flipping through channels when someone knocks on the door. I trudge to the door. To my surprise it's Justin. He pushes pass me. "Nice to see you to, why don't you come in?" I say under my breath. " The weirdest thing just happened, I was brushing my teeth and look in the mirror to see that my teeth are not white but green." He says pacing. Who's laughing now? I laugh, almost as hard as he was. He stops pacing and looks at me. Maybe he's caught on. He smiles, a lepercaun green smile, and before I know it I'm making out with a really tall and hot, lepercaun.

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