The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


17. The pool

The interview was pointless, the clothes are for dogs and Tanya left after she got on the phone. Liam seemed to be interested about the clothes line for dogs, which i still find extremly werid. The hotel lobby is crowded with people on buissness trips, little kids with tired parents, teenage girls arguing with their dads.It's only eight in the morning why are all these people here? I really honestly don't care. The elevator is fast, faster than it was this morning, i think, maybe. My room is cold. I kick off my shoes, it's to late to sleep. Great, well there's only one thing to do at a time like this, shop. The answer to everything.


It's noon, the lobby isn't as full as it was when i left, but it still has some people. A bell hop takes the shopping bags that are on my arms, to many to count. "Miss Hansen.", a man behind the front desk calls. I walk over to him,"Yes?" I ask. He hands me an envelope. "Thanks." I say.The room is still cold. Now i'm bored, i grab a bag thats sitting next to me. I take out whats inside, it's the bikini that i bought. To the pool! I change and head down to the pool. The indoor pool is empty. It's big, slide,diving boards, but it's empty. No life guards, hotel staff, nothing. I guess everyone's on break. I sit on a lawn chair, and read my magazine. This is so relaxing and enjoyable. Tanya will be happy to know that i'm not putting myself in any harm, whatever. I hear a door open then shut, i look over my magazine, there's a ton of pillars in the way so i can't see anything. Whatever, i go back to reading. I hear a chuckle, i look back over my magazine, but as i do, i see a giant cooler of water. Crap. I'm drenched in water now. I scream, it's ice cold. I wipe water out of my eyes. I'm on my feet, soaked in freezing water. Justin and another dude are laughing their butts off. "What was that for?!" I say while grabbing the towel that's on the chair next to me, half shouting. They both shrug. I'm storming to the locker room, but Justin is behind me. He hooks his arm around me and turns me around. "What?" I ask angrily. He's smiling at me,"Your hot when your angry." He says. I roll my eyes."Okay, look, i'm sorry." He says still smiling. I turn to leave, he pulls my towel, trying to pull me back to him. I let go of the towel and contuine walking. "Is that a tatoo?" He asks running up behind me and picking me up. Crap."When were you going to tell me that you got a tatoo?" He asks, when will he put me down. "Got a tatoo? More like have a tatoo." I say. He puts me down to look at my tatoo. "Isn't that the same one Megan has? You said you didn't know what it stands for." Double crap.I grab my towel out of his hands and wrap it around my waist, covering my tatoo. I try to walk away but he's blocking me. He's looking at me,smiling,wanting an explaination. I look at him, no frown, no smile,just anger and annoyance."So are you going to tell me what it means?" He asks. "Are your going to tell me why you and your friend just poured a bucket of cold water on me!?" I shoot back. "We thought it'd be funny." Justin says with a chuckle. "Yeah well, not funny." I say trying to walk away, but he's still blocking me and i'm still drenched in freezing cold water! There's a lawn chair to both sides of me, a wall behind me, and Justin in front of me. I walk over the lawn chair and to the locker room. Didn't see that one coming did you Justin? Ha!

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