The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


94. The incident.

"Okay,  so I'll go order the cake next week, I'll be in New York anyways, what flavor do you want? Chocolate?" I ask. "Of course! Chocolate!" He says his eyes lighting up at the thought of chocolate ganache. "And the guest list you have correct?" I ask. He nods eating another fruit roll up, he eats those so much. He does something on his phone and I get a text of a very long list. "Justin there has to be at least four hundred people here! This is so many people!" I say shocked. "Ashley, baby. It's okay, the list isn't finished and I think their might be more. But let's worry about that later." He tells me walking over from the side of the island he's on over to me. "It's all going to be okay," he wraps his arms around me waist and pulls me to him," I promise." I sigh and put my head against his chest, "I know I know it's just all so much." "And it will be taken care of." He rubs my back in circle. I snake my arms around his neck and look up at him a smile forming. I love you, I tell him standing a bit taller to kiss him. We continue to kiss going into one of our sessions. I jump on the counter and he comes closer to me, he wraps his hands around my thighs as we continued to make out. As our tongues mingled he runs his hands under my shirt and up my back. I run my hands through his hair. He reaches my bra strap and taps his fingers along it. Oh god not now, just not today. He slips his fingers between my bra and my back. I pull my away. "Is something wrong?" He asks, eyes full of concern."It's not you! It's just I can't at this time," I tell him. "Ugggggggghh," he groans putting his hands back on my thighs and drums his fingers on them. "Sorry babe, but you like girls," I tell him. "I love this woman," He tells me emphasizing this as he leans into kiss me. I smile into the kiss and he smiles back. "But are you okay?" He asks," I know you always want some form of Starbucks and See's candy." I grin, "You know me so well."  He kisses my nose,"I know," he smiles,"So do you want anything?" He asks. "Can we just watch a movie?" I ask him, "all of this planning and stuff I just wanna relax." "Can we watch it in pj's?" He asks. "Absolutely," I tell him. "You get the movie I'll get the popcorn," he says. I walk up into his room, I was already going to stay the night so I have pjs. Comfy pjs if I might add, I slip on the long red flannel pajama pants and a black Pink T-shirt. I run back down stairs and slide into the living room, and look in a giant glass case of movies, god there's a lot. Hmh I think I want to watch an actual comedy, but that probably won't happen. Cheaper by the Dozen 2, I haven't seen that in a long time. Doesn't that have Taylor Laughtner in it? Okay we're watching this, Justin can choose the next one. I heard him go upstairs for like two seconds the come back down stairs then go into the kitchen. He came back with a large bowl of popcorn. 'He plops down next to me and I cuddle next to him as he throws his arm around me. "This is an old movie," He comments. "I know but I like it," I say, "Brings back memories." The movie starts playing and I have to admit this is a good movie. "Ash?" Justin mumbles. "Hmm?" I say. "After the announcement in New York, your coming back with me to Ontario right?" He asks. Oh crap, I forgot about that. He wants to stay there till the wedding. "Right," I reply without thinking. Oh no. "The house I bought there is perfect, you'll love it," he tells me. I'm going to be in Canada in like three weeks, for like 7 months. A knot tightens in my stomach, I don't know why I'm feeling like this, i honestly don't think I want to spend that long in Canada, away from my friends. Justin has loads of friends there, so he'll be happier and then I mean we can go out a lot more without being hounded by the press. So maybe it will be better but we're going to have to come back here sometime before the wedding, David is already planning but I still have to go dress shopping and decide on a caterer and then we have to see the venue, and that's all the way in Ravello. I sigh at the thought of all of this. "Justin I hope you know we'll be spending a good month and half in Italy before the wedding," I mention to him. "A month and a half?" He repeated. "Possibly a full two," I tell him. "Italy is fun, we could get a lot accomplished there," He says. "The invitations will be sent out by the end of tomorrow and we'll have to fly out to New York at least 2 days before the dinner," I tell him. "Ash, let's talk about this tomorrow, I don't like seeing you stressed, let's just let the person who we hired do his job, okay? That's the reason we hired him, so you don't have to go through the stress of this," he reminds me before kissing my temple. I take a deep breath and slowly exhale. "You're right, you are completely right," I say. I close my eyes for a few seconds and re open them. We sat there watching the movie, which it was really good to watch again because it did bring back some really nice memories. Justin chose Daddy Day Care, it seems like all the best movies were made around that time era. I miss good comedy. I yawn, what time is it? I glance over at the large wall clock, it's almost one oh my god. I didn't even know it was this late. I yawn again and put my face in the crook of Justin's neck. He wrapped his arm farther around me. He slithered his other arm under my legs and carried me bridal style up stairs. He must've thought I was asleep, whatever hehe. I felt him walk down the hall and up the two steps, then set me down. After doing so he pulled the comforter over me. I felt a smile tugging at the corners of my mouth, but I resisted it. He kisses the top of my head and mumbles an I love you through it. I hear him cross over to the other side and lay next to me, I feel his arm around my stomach like always. I enjoy sleeping like this, right next to him. I relax into his chest and find his hand and intertwine it with my own before kissing his hand and putting our hands back on the side of my stomach. "I love you too," I mumbled before drifting to sleep. 
My eyes open to still be in the sane position as I fell asleep in. The comforter is extremely soft against my skin. "Good morning love." A voice mumbles into my hair. I instantly freeze and my breath hitches, that isn't Justin's voice. I glance down at the hand im holding, that's not Justin's hand. I look over the sheets and comforter, this isn't Justin's bed. I don't think I want to see who's behind me, I quickly shut my eyes and let my breathing somewhat resume. "Sweetheart whats wrong?" The person behind me asks. Oh no. It has an accent, a an accent I don't like. An accent belonging to one I've moved on from. Harry. I turn around to see him, no I'm preferring to call him an it, his eyes are closed. I jump back, hitting the wall that this bed was against. "Are you okay?" He asks groggily. I pull my hand away from him. "What am I doing here?" I ask him suspiciously. "You were sleeping." He says. "No I wasn't here last night," I tell him. "Yes you were, are you feeling okay?" He asks. "N-no I wasn't, I was at Justin's," I say still attempting at putting together this information in my head. "Justin? Haven't heard that name in a while," he mumbles. "Ashley, honey, whats wrong?" He asks changing his tone of voice. "I don't know how I got here or where I am or why I'm here with you! So no, I'm not okay!" I almost yell standing up off the bed letting the large t-shirt fall to my mid thigh, i stomp out of the room, Harry calling my name. "Ashley," he calls as I walk down the unfamiliar hall way. This can't be happening, I was just with Justin now I'm here- wherever here is- with Harry and I don't know why! So no I'm not okay. "Please just stop so we can talk about this!" He tries to stop me, he's just in a pair of basketball shorts. I walk down a flight of stairs, and I keep going around a corner, Harry close behind. I need to get out of here. I see a door that looks rather thick which usually indicates that it is an entrance door. I turn the knob but it doesn't budge, I turn the lock on it and pull it open, Harry still asking me to stop. As I step outside I'm hit by coolness and the smell of grass. I look around and it looks like I'm like in some sort of farm land. Gross. I walk out what I assume is a back door and walk down a few steps and hit gravel, and continue to walk. Harry quickly catches up and wraps his arms around me. "Where am I!?" I scream on the verge of tears which makes my voice quiver. "Shhh baby, it's okay," he whispers bring my head to his chest then rubbing my back. I try and break from his grasp but it's not possible. "Where am I?" I sob into his chest. "You're in England," he answers still rubbing my back. "Why?" I ask still sobbing uncontrollably, I don't want to be here with him, I want Justin back in Justin's bed in his arms not Harry's. "Because this is where we chose to come," he explains very calmly. "Now would you like to come inside and we can talk about this?" He asks. I don't answer but I continue to sob and shiver in his grasp, I guess he didn't care about my answer because he scooped me up as Justin did the night before and walked us back into the house I just ran out of. I heard the door close and then feel Harry sit down, me still crying in his lap. "Baby whats wrong?" He asks me. I still continue to cry, "shhh it's okay, it's okay, baby please don't cry, there's nothing to cry about," were some of his attempts at calming down. He rubbed my back and kissed my head and rocked back and forth, it took a while but I finally couldn't cry any longer. He kept rocking me, and rubbing my back and it did calm me down and i felt very exhausted from crying. But I wasn't going to let him do this to me, he was trying to get my to fall asleep, I wanted to but I wasn't going to. "Harry, why am I in England with you?" I ask very clearly. "Because we both decided that this would be a nice place for a honey moon," He explains. A honey moon!? My breath becomes very uneven, that means we're married. I stop moving, no that can't be. "That's impossible," I whisper in disbelief. "It's not impossible, because we're here," He tells me. "No it's impossible that we could ever be married." I say trying to break his hold on me, which I successfully did then proceeded to stand up. "Ashley, are you okay? Did you drink something when I was asleep, take any unknown pills?" He questions standing up, he looks very concerned. "No I'm not okay! I've already told you whats wrong, and I just want to leave!" I say very harshly. He looks hurt from mywords, "You thought you were with Justin last night?" He asks carefully. "Not just last night! The whole day, and the day before that I was with my friends, I wasn't here with you in the middle of no where in England," I say still not believing it myself. "Maybe you should just go lie down, go back to sleep," he tells me taking me by my shoulders and pushing me back towards the stairs. I walk up the stairs not really thinking, good maybe if he leaves me alone I'll be able to think. He walks me back to the bedroom I ran out of and I sit back down on the bed, not wanting to look him in the eyes. He kneels so he's eye level with me, I avoid his eyes and look the other way,he takes my chin and makes me face him. I avoid his gaze and just look down. "Sweetheart, please just look at me," he begs. I look at him, when I looked at him before I used to love the way his eyes kinda crinkled when he smiled, and his dimples and his smile would make me smile and fill me with hope. Now it just makes me want to barf, I hate his eyes they look like green pools of swamp, and his dimples look like someone just took a small hammer and hit him with it and left a dent. I don't see hope, I see someone who manipulated me and used me and took advantage of me. I hate him! I feel my brow creasing, and my eyes narrowing, the frown on my face growing more defined. Anger. That's all he gets from me. This face I'm making is worth all the wrinkles. "You're cute when you're angry," he mentions, "maybe even sexy." He taps my nose. "Get out," I demand through gritted teeth. "What are you going to do to make me?" He asks cockily, he thinks this is a game. "Get out," I repeat. "Make me," he says. "Fine I'll get out," I say, standing up not caring any more. As I stood up I stood against Harry. Before I could side step he slipped his arms around me and squeezed my butt. That's just like him, from caring and gentle to horny. "Let me go," I demanded. "Ash, I don't know why you're acting like this. Just let me take your mind off things." He says leaning towards my neck. Wait what? Oh hell no. I put my hands to his chest and push him away. "What do you think you're doing?" I snap. "You're my wife now, that means we don't need protection," he explains like I should've known that. "Har-" I was cut off, and I see Justin leaning over me. I look around and see the room I fell asleep in and I see Justin. "You were mumbling in your sleep, I didn't know what was wrong," here tells me. It was just a dream! Thank The Lord it was just a dream! "Justin!" I throw my arms around his neck and kiss him. "I was just down stairs for a second," he tells me. "I just had a bad dream that's all," I say trying to dismiss the topic. "Do you want to talk about it?" He asks. "It's just Harry was in it and I just didn't like it," I say feeling happy I told him, we tell each other everything, most of the time anyways. "Well you're not with him now that's what counts," he tells me. I lay my head back on his chest, "thanks for carrying my upstairs by the way," I thank him. "You're welcome," he says simply. "I'm thinking about getting me tattoo removed," I tell him. "The one you just got?" He asks. "No," I roll my eyes at his remark," the one on my hip," I explain. "Oh, that hurts, like really bad. Trust me I know," he tells me, reminding me of the tattoo of the angel he got removed, I had no say in that, that was completely his decision to make. Why would he think I would get the tattoo I just got removed? It's a little hanger on the back of my neck, it's like I'm a human hanger, get it? Justin understood but he said that he didn't like the daft that I looked at myself that way. I can't help but feel insecure sometimes, I can't change it but I can't say it's not my fault. I chose a profession in which I'm critiqued and if there's one thing wrong, I'm constantly being told to fix it. So yes it is indeed my fault. "I know it will hurt but I don't want it there any longer," I tell him. "If that's what you want I'm fully behind you on it one hundred percent," he tells me kissing my cheek. 
$$Justin's POV$$$"Justin Drew Bieber," my favorite voice yells. "Ohhh someone's in trouble," Trey teases. I leave my comfortable position on the couch and hurry to where Ashley was. Oh boy did she look mad. "Hey baby, how was the flight?" I ask before kissing her. "Oh the flight was lovely, the trip however, when I'm in the middle of a meeting and I get a call saying you egged someone's house and are being detained for it, yeah it's not so good," she states being with much annoyance. "I-" I'm cut short, "How could you do such a childish thing?! I leave for three days, three days! And you go and get yourself in trouble with the law! For something so stupid! Come hai potuto essere così stupido? Proprio prima della festa di fidanzamento? Cosa stavo pensando?!" She says really fast. I walk over to her and try and get her attention, I take her hands and kiss one of them. "Ashley, I don't speak Italian, so if you're going to speak it, I'm going to need a translator, so if you could, English please?" I ask her. A look I knew very well formed on her face, it's the you don't want to know what I'm thinking look. She closed her eyes for a second, "Why on gods earth would you do something like this?" She asks slightly calmed down. "Ash could we please talk about this later?" I plead, "Who's here this time?" She asks raising an eyebrow, "Actually I don't care, I have jet lag and I want sleep, now because of this whole fiasco we have to go back to New York and order the cake. Where's a.j?" Oh shit, a.j, where is that dog. "He's around here...somewhere," I tell her glancing around. She pulls her hands away, "Justin I can not believe you! How did you loose a dog!?" She exclaims dramatically. "For the record he's like teeny tiny, and I didn't loose him he's just not around at the moment," I tell her, she looks like her stress level just went up by ten. "Babe, why don't you go upstairs, take a nice hot shower and take a nap?" I say leading her towards the stair case, "when you wake up, A.J will be with you, perfectly fine, and then we can talk when you're more up for it and you're not so tired," I suggest. She sighs, "You're right, you're completely right," she gives up, I'm right! I'm right for once! She pecks me on the lips and then heads up the stairs, "oh and Justin," she calls down from the top of the stair case. "Yes?" I call back. "You better find my baby," she replies and then continues. I swear that dog will be the death of me.

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