The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


48. The green purse

" Yeah, she's right here." I glance a Kit. " Is J.J. with her?" Mom asks. " Him and Alex are playing outside with Tiffany." I reply. "That's good, keep an eye on her. Piper and Veronica are here and Piper's fine. You'd think your aunt would learn from the last time." She says with a little chuckle. I fold a blanket," Do I have to have a house keeper?" I unfold it. " Yes, the house is too big for you to take care by yourself." Mom informs. This blanket won't fold, I throw it back in the basket and pick up another one. " You can have a whole house staff like your dad wants." She offers. " No way, tell dad to keep his housekeepers." I confirm. Dad can keep all of his skimpy maids. " Ms. Hansen." A voice says, I turn around, it's Fredric. " Yes?" I ask putting the phond to my shoulder. " You have a visitor in the foyer." He informs. " Thank you, I'll be there shortly." I answer. He nods, turns around and walks away. " Gotta go mom, bye." I hang up the phone. " Hey Kit, let's go see what Gabby's doing." I suggest. She nods and runs down the hall. I set down the blanket and walk in the other direction. " Cameron?" I ask when I see the curly brown hair. " Ashley?" He asks equally shocked. " Sorry, Izzy just left." I say. " Cameron what are you doing here?" Gabby asks running down the stairs. " Just uh, looking for Izzy, she said she'd be here." He answers nervously. Cameron is a BMX biker, Izzy's BMX biker. He's supossed to he mr. cool, relaxed and not care about anything. This is not him." So I'm just gonna go." He finishes then he starts toward the door. " Bye." I say. " I'll show you out." Gabby says. This is werid Gabby doesn't usually like Cameron. " Bye Ashley, it was nice seeing you again." He adds. " Yeah, it was nice seeing you too." I reply with a smile. They walk off. Strange.... Oh where's Kit? " Where's Izzy!?" Kit asks from the top of the stairs. Is that the topic of the day? " Izzy's not here." I say. " She was just here, you took me to see her." She argues. " Oh, you mean Gabby." I reply," She's at the front door." " Oh then don't tell Izzy but," The poodle walks in. Because its Izzy's its pink. Its covered in sparkles," I don't think she'll be too upset." " That's good." Kit adds," After Candra uses you green purse, can I use it?" " How did you know about that?" I ask, no one knows about that. " The maids know everything." She says. " Yes, you can have it." I say. So the maids might know why Gabby has a sudden interest in Cameron.......
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