The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


24. The flu

Sleeping for a day sucks. Having the flu sucks more. I know these two things are very true. " I told you so." Tiffany says. " And you have been for the past two days." I say. She did though, she told me to get a flu shot, but I didn't. " Actually I said it yesterday before I realized you were sleeping."She corrects me. " Of course you did." I say with a sigh. Tiffany's sitting next to me on the couch in the lower part of my room with me. "I hate this movie." Tiffany says. "I do too." I say, my head feels like its about to explode. "Then why are we watching it? Wait is this the one with that really hot guy?" she asks. I nod. I stand up, immediately I'm dizzy. I trudge down the stairs to the kitchen. There's get well baskets everywhere. I roll my eyes at this, I'm happy that he cares though. I open a cabinet looking for pain pills, but I opened a cabniet with glasses in it. I open the cabniet next to it, dishes. I walk to the other side, spices. Where are they? "Are you looking for these?" Tiffany says holding the bottle. She gives me two. I pop them in my mouth and swallow. " How do you do that?" Tiffany asks. I shrug, before walking to the living room and collapsing ont the couch. I can hear Tiffany laughing. I don't even care right now. I'm drifting off to sleep, about to fall asleep. The door bell rings," You just missed her, literally, she crashed on the couch." I hear Tiffany say. Someone laughs. This couch is so soft, like a teddy bear. Hahaha, I wonder why I'm thinking that, this couch is leather. "Wow she really is out of it." The voice says, closer now, but it sounds familiar." Yeah tell me about it." I know that's Tiffany. I'm not really asleep, I open my eyes. I see two sets of legs, one has leggings on, the other is wearing jeans. I look up, it's Justin. I close my eyes hoping they didn't see me. " Are you sure you can watch her?" Tiffany asks. What? "May I remind you, I do not need a babysitter." I butt in. " Positive." Justin says. "Thanks." Tiffany says, I hear the door open then close. " I don't need a babysitter." I say again, my head stopped hurting. " Tiffany said that she doesnt want you here by yourself." He says. My eyes are still closed, I'm not tired anymore though. The flu really gets to me. " You could catch the flu." I say. " I got the shot." He says. Was it national flu shot day or something? I stand up, dizzy again, and trudge back up the stairs and to one of the guest rooms. Justins right behind me. " Why don't you just go to your room?" He asks. " There's no way I'm going up a spiral stair case." I say falling onto the bed. I stare at the ceiling. I need to put a picture on the ceiling. Wait, it might fall on your face. "Justin, come here." I say. He walks over," lay down." He obeys. " If there's a picture right there," I say pointing at the ceiling," will it fall on your face?" He thinks about it," maybe, if there's a earthquake." He says. I nod. I'm tired again. It doesnt take long before I'm out. I can feel Justin get up and hear him leave the room.
Muffled voices. That's what I have to wake up to? People talking. I think it's Tiffany talking on the phone. If so she has them on speaker. I feel like a hospital patient or something. I walk up to the door, I feel a lot better now. I can here the voice clearly now, it's not Tiffany its Justin. "No , I'm busy tonight." he's quiet, " Tommrow.... Kay bye." It's quiet now, is he coming in here? I quicklyy walk back over to where I was sleeping. I close my eyes and open them when I hear the door shut. " Hey , you're awake." He says with a smile. I've never been so happy to see those eyes. I smile at him. But my smile drops when I realize my headache is back. I start to stand up but Justin makes me sit down, is it that obvious I'm that dizzy? He hands me two pills but their diffrent colors. "What are these for?" I ask. " Ones for dizzyness, the other one is for your headache." He says. " How do you know I have a headache?" I ask. "Your rubbing your head." He points out. I look at my hand, I am rubbing my head. I take the pills. I begin to stand up but I'm stopped. " Where do you think your going?" He asks. "To take a shower. " I say still trying to get up. " You collapsed the last time you took pills." He says knowing that he's right. I sigh and lay back down. He sits down in a chair across the room. Ten minutes later, my head doesn't hurt, I don't feel dizzy and I'm not tired. I glance at Justin, he's texting. I love him, but why is he here? I don't need a babysitter. I stand up again, I'm not dizzy. Justin looks up , then makes me sit down. " So you do need a babysitter." He says while sitting next to me. " No I dont." I say. He laughs. I now have a plan. I must take a shower because I like them and I'm going to prove a point. "Yeah right." He says. " I am right." I say. I pretend to fall asleep, I havent done this in forever. He kisses me on the head then leaves. I hear him go down stairs. Now I really do have to go up a spiral stair case. Creeping up to my room should be easy, I think. Maybe. The door isn't squeaky considering its an old Victorian mansion , this is a surprise. I don't think he's going to hear me so I just walk to my room and up the stairs. The shower is extremely hot. Ten minutes in the shower is all I need. I feel healthier already. Oh strike that , I'm freezing, and tired. I walk back to the room I was in before. Its dark in here. I check the time, it's seven. I lay on the bed, my face is buried in a pillow. " I know your not asleep ." Justin says. Ok? " Seriously Ashley, get up." Tiffany says, good to know your here. I shake my head. "I'm trying to sleep." I say. "You've been sleeping all day." Tiffany says. I don't care if I have. The door bell rings," I'll get it." Justin says. You can hear him going down the stairs." I know why your acting like this." Tiffany says. " Being sick is not an act." I say sitting up. "No, but pushing him away is." She says, " Are you going to tell him?" "I don't think I need to tell him." I say putting my hair in a messy bun," He'll be on tour and I'm leaving the day before him, and getting back a night after him. " " What if he finds out?" she asks. "The only way he'll find out is if you tell him. And you promised you wouldn't." I say . " And I won't." She says. Justin walks in holding a giant envelope, he hands it to me. It's from New York," Thanks." I say throwing it to the other side of the bed and walking down stairs. There is no way I'm opening that with Justin here.
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