The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


5. The day before the premiere

I see him sitting on the beach. "Justin i'm so sorry." I say practically in tears to him. I sit down next to him and he puts his arms around me and pulls me close to him. "Tiffany called and told me everything, she said you didn't know how to tell me, so she did. And, I'm not mad at you. Im mad at Styles. He'll never touch you again, i promise." I nod. He holds me in his arms. We kiss for what seems like ever and this time i enjoy it. We talk about the premiere. It's after dark, the moon looks amazing. My phone buzzes, its from an unknown number, "See you at the permiere tommrow, love Harry." I gasp, "What is it?" Justin asks. I give him the phone, when he reads it he starts to look angry, very angry, "How did he get your number?" Justin asks looking at the ground. "I dont know." My phone buzzes again. Justin looks at it," Wear something pretty." he reads aloud, "its from the same number." My phone buzzes again, he looks at it,"Its from a diffrent number,"There will be cameras there, waiting to capture the moment," he pauses, " xoxoo -Liam." He hands me back my phone, " Did anything happen with Liam?" Justin asks. I shook my head. We are both looking at the ground. My phone rings, " It's Tiffany." he nods, "hello?... what? why? okay i'll be there." and i hung up the phone. "Apperently a basket just arrived for me. Let's go check it out."


We walk into the still empty mansion, except for tiffany. Tiffany was sitting on the couch watching Toddlers and Tiars. "Wheres the basket?" I ask. "Kitchen." She replys without even looking up from the screen. The basket is wrapped in black plastic, i untie the bow and the first thing you see, sitting on top of everything is a picture of Harry kissing me, then theres more pictures from that night. The whole night, pictures of us walking towards the stage entrance, him kissing my neck, him kissing me,his hands in my back pockets, him holding my hands.Under all of the pictures, there was a flash drive."What do you thinks on it?" i ask Justin. "At this point, i have no idea." He replys,looking mad. My lap top is sitting the counter. I grab it and plug in the flash drive.It's a video of me and Harry on the night of the concert, i realize this just in time, before things take a wrong turn, and shut the laptop. I pull the flash drive out of the computer and stuff it in my pocket. "Was that a video of back stage tour?" Justin asks. I nod. "oh. What are you going to do with all this suff?" "I'm driving up to Beverly Hills tommrow to get my dress, i'll stop by the house we have up there and shred it. Nobody will look there.'' "Okay. i better go, bye Tiffany."  Justin shouts from the kitchen. "Bye Justin, sleep tight, lets hope Harry doesnt bite!" I walk Justin to the door, " if you get anymore texts from him let me know please." " Of course." i say. We kiss good bye,I watch him pullout and turn down the street. I go to the kitchen and grab the basket and my lap top," night Tiff," i call. "Night Ash" I hear her call. I run up stairs to my room and put the basket on my bed along with my lap top and the flash drive. After i shower and change, i watch the whole video completly.There were views from above, far away, and really super close too. How could you get that footage with out someone seeing the camera? I re-watch the video and i notice that his hands go into my jacket pocket the second time he kissed me. I pause the video and look in the laundry room for my jacket. I find the jacket and i look in its pockets, i pull out a peice of paper, i open it up,"Dont come to you conclusion so quickly, love-harry".

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