The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


6. The Boutique

It's Noon. Beverly hills is awsome. I pull into the boutique and walk in. The boutique is on the top floor of a 7 story building. The elevator ride i

fast. The boutique is empty, exccept for the english sales woman and myself. "Hi, I'm here to pick up a dress." I say to the sales woman. "Last dressing room on the right." she replys. "Thanks." I say then walk down the long hall to the last dressing room. Across from the dressing room is a lounge that the designers design in. It's empty, thats strange, its usually full. I shrug it off. I change quickly, pull out the matching clutch and shoes. They all match perfectly, just like I said they would. I unlock the dressing room door to look in the 3 mirrors. I turn the door handle but it won't open, i try again. I push on the door and it finally budges. The store is darking then usual, all the blinds are not shut. I look around. "Hello?" i call but nobody replys. I walk to the front of the store and its empty. I walk back to the dressing room i was in, but the door is locked from the inside. The designer's lounge door is closed, i open the door and walk in, the door closes behind me. "Hello?" I say, its super dim inside and my eyes are adjusting very slowly. Some wraps his arms around me from behind me. He starts kissing my neck, " Justin?" I ask, my eyes are finally adjusted. "Guess again." The boy says in british accent. I sigh, i figured it out, its Harry. "Uh do you want something?" I ask trying to move, but he won't let me go. "Only one thing." He says. "What would that be?" I ask still trying to move. "You." He replys still kissing my neck. "Sorry, you cant have that, can you let me go please?" I ask trying to escape his grasp. He spins me around so im just centimeters from his face. "Why would you want that love?" He is hanging onto me with one hand, his other hand was going up my dress, why didnt i go with a longer dress? "Because your kind of creeping me out and i have to go somewhere." I say still trying to move. "Where would that be love?" He asks. Whats with the whole " love " thing? "Not here." i say, "Can you let me go now?"  He didnt reply he was kissing my neck again,his hand was still under my dress. "Who are you going to the premiere with?" He asks while he's kissing my neck. "My boyfriend." I say trying to push him off of me, he's too strong. "That's a bummer." He says. "Why? and can you please remove your hand from my under my dress?" I ask. He takes his out from under my dress and wraps it around me. "Because you could go with me." "Why would i want to do that?" I ask. He didnt reply, he kept kissing my neck. I could hear my phone ringing across the hall, but it stopped,some one declined the call, i heard the noise it makes when you decline the call. " Who has my phone?" I demand. "It's not important." he replys , he was at my shoulder. I wish he would stop. "Who has it?" i demand. "Liam." He replys.He stops kissing my neck and looks at me. "Why?" i ask. "Because i cant have fun when i'm hanging out with you if your on your phone all the time, now can i?" He replys. "Then maybe i should have my phone." He shook is head, then he leaned in, hes kissing me again, when i feel his phone vibrating. "Maybe you should get that,it could be someone important, maybe it's a girl calling." I say looking for a disstraction. "That someone is not as important as you." he says. " I have to get ready for a premiere and i still have to make a stop before i go back to L.A. Wait how did you know that i would be at this store at this time?" He's still kissing my neck,"Tanya told me." Tanya is my agent for modeling. " How do you know Tanya?" I ask. "Zayne's cousin's girlfriend." He replys. "That's not stalkerish it all." I say. I guess he didn't hear me because he didnt stop kissing my neck to reply. He spun me around again and started kissing my back I tryed to escape but i didn't know he still had his arms wrapped around me.  "Can you please let me go? I have to go somewhere." I ask,but he ignores me. He keeps kissing my back, i could feel his hand go up my dress, then he wraps it back around me. What is this guy thinking? He turns me around again, his hand is on the zipper of my dress, but he's not pulling at it.This relieves me little. He kisses me again then moves back down to my neck, a little to close to my chest. My iphone is being slid under the door, "It's from Bieber." Liam says through the door, i can hear him walking towards the front of the store. Harry stops and goes to pick up my phone, but he doesn't let me go. He reads it, his expression is not happy, he's mad. He hands me the phone,"I'm at your house, are you almost here?",the text reads. He lets go of me and i walk out of the room. I'm changing as fast as i can, im so happy i already paid for the dress, im put the dress in the bag and walk out side to the store calmly. I'm walking out of the building when I see through a mirror sitting on a counter at store on the ground floor, Harry is only 3 feet behind me. I walk through the double doors and he follows, i toss the bags that i have in my hands in the back of my Porsche, i'm so glad that i left the top down. I'm pulling out when i notice a photagrapher that is near a tree looking at photos on his camera.

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