The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


53. The bears

" If I don't tan I'll get pale." I say. " No you won't." He says. " Yes I will." I argue. " What's wrong with being pale?" He asks. " It's like being a ghost." I reply. Oh then all the girls in England are pale. There's like zero sun. That sucks for them. " What if being a ghost isn't a bad thing?"Harry asks. " Well apparently it's not." I reply fixing a bow. " Is this what you do all day?" He asks putting a hanger on a hook. " No,just before the Nutcracker." I twist a light on the tree. " What else do you do?" He asks. " Teach students." I reply. " Ballet?" He asks shockingly. " Hip hop." I correct him and turn the skirt that he hung on the hook upside down. He turns it back around," What are you doing?" " I'm doing what the princiable of the school wants," I turn it back upside down," She wants the skirts to be fluffy therefore we hang them upside down." He turns the others upside down. " I don't understand why you want to help." I mention. " Where else can you see hot girls running around in tight clothing." He admits. I roll my eyes. " My shoes snapped." Caroline moans. " There's some in costume storage." Blake says. " How'd they snap?" Lilia asks. " Joey fell on the them, then Mark fell on him." Caroline replies. Lilia looks at her funny. " He fell on them really werid." Caroline further explains. " What does she mean her shoes snapped?" He whispers. " Her shoes literally snapped." I whisper back. He still looks confused. I take the broken pointe shoe off the table and show him," Their not supossed to bend like this." I bend them. " Why do these bend then?" He asks bending a pair of jazz shoes. " Because their jazz shoes." I explain. " That makes sense." He says sarcastically. " Exactly." I reply. " Uh, where's the costume storage room?" Caroline pops her head in the room. " West wing." I answer. " That's dorms." She says. " Then north west wing." I say. She walks away. " How many wings are there?" He asks. " I don't know, eight. Maybe." I say moving the bear head. Why is the hat under here? " Why is there a bear costume?" He asks. " Have you not seen the Nutcraker?" I ask. He shakes his head of curls. " Well there's a dancing bear, let's just leave it at that." I say looking around the dressing room," We're finally done." " It didn't seem that long." He replies. " Seriously?" I ask as we walk out the room. " Yes, I'm serious." He says. " Well that's a first." I comment. " Where are we going?" He asks as we walk through the campus' park. " To the offices, I have to get something." I answer. A group of tweens runs by with a trainer. " Run ladies run!" The trainer shouts. The girls groan and pick up their pace. " This school is tough." He comments opening the door. " Thank you. It's the principals commands and what she wants she gets." I reply. We pass by the secretary," Where are we going now? This is the principal's office." He says. " Your point?" I ask putting a key in the lock. " Why do you have a key?!" He asks. " I told you," I say opening the door," My grandmother wants me to get something." He sighs," You should've said that earlier." "Did you think tht I just have the keys to the priciaples office for no reason?" I ask. " I don't know." He shrugs. I grab the file off the desk," Now we can leave." As we walk out of the building Red is chasing after Blake," Get back here!" Red he calls running after her. " Never!" Blake calls back still running. " Give it back!" Red says. Blake stops running," Tell me where you hid Ribet." " Give me my phone." He commands. " Where's the frog?" She demands right back. " T. J. has it." Red holds out his hand. " Well I have his phone too." She says running then sliding down a corner. Red mutters something then chases her. " A frog?" Harry asks. " I know nothing." I say.

" Now open yours." He insists. I open the box to a beautiful diamond braclet. " Oh my god Justin its beautiful." I gasp. He puts it around my wrist," Just like you." I smile at him and kiss him. He's the best boyfriend ever. " Look." He says pointing to a shooting star. This view is amazing. We're sitting on a blanket on a mountain looking over the bottom of the mountain. From here you can see all the stars. " Oh Jaxon and Jazmyn love the presents you gave them." He adds. I laugh," I knew they would." " They wanted me to give you this." He says giving me a bear," They made it at Build-a-Bear." " Awh, their so sweet." I say. He smiles. The bear is dressed up like an elf, it has a hat and everything. " Your in Canada till Saturday right?" I ask. " Yeah, and your not back till Sunday right?" He asks. " If not earlier." I sigh. I love my family but it's so crazy. My phone pings, crap," Sorry I thought I put it on silent." Its Harry, I click it to silent. " It's cool, who was it?" He asks. " No one." I reply setting it down next to me. " You know that I know that " no one" is always someone." He says. " Well my phone doesn't text itself." I add. " Come on, I dont care who it is, I'm just curious." He says reaching for my phone. I try and stop him but he's quick. He looks at the phone, a look rushes past his face. What was that look? Anger, regret? Maybe I just saw it in my head. " Why wouldn't you tell me about Tiffany?" He asks handing back my home. " It just interrupted that's all." I say. Tiffany may have texted me after Harry but I'm sure that he saw that Harry texted me.
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