The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


47. Snowboards

It's wednsday, November 21, 2012, ten a.m. I'm still laying bed. I don't know if it's because of Piper or just because I don't want to get up. Usually i'm helping cook or something, but this year i'm just not. I roll over onto my stomach. I hear the door open, I really hope it's just a new maid who doesn't know the rooms yet. " Ashley! It's time to get up." I reconize Tiffany's voice. I shake my head. " It snowed hard last night and its calling me to play in it." Candra whines. My phone rings, I reach for where it was. " Sorry Justin she's not available at the moment can I take a message?" Candra torments me. " You need to talk to her?" She says. Oh my god. " I suposse." She drops the phone on my head, I hear the door shut. " Hey baby." I say into the phone. " What exactly did you model last week?" He demands. I sit up," Winter sets and lingerie." I answer. " You didn't bother to mention that you were going to be practically naked with some guy?" He asks. " What was I supossed to say? Oh by the way, I'm going to be modeling intements and I might be laying right next to a gay model." I ask. " You could've said there would be another model involved." He argues. " This is a double standard." I protest. " How?!" He asks. " What about your last music video where you were making out with some girl?" I ask walking to a vanity. " I told you there were going to be girls in it." He says. " You didn't mention you'd be swapping spit!" I say remembering that there's family in the house. It's sort of worse than people because I have to deal with Candra and Tiffany. " That was acting and besides we weren't in a bed, in our undergarments laying on top of each other." He says. I walk into the closet and shut the door," First of all we weren't laying on top of each other and second he's gay!" I protest," And I bet that girl you were kissing was into you." " It was acting!" He exclaims. If he knows about the pictures that must mean their in the magazine! Yesssss! " What do you want me to do about it?" I ask. " I don't want you to do anything but tell me next time your going to be that close to another guy." He says. His jealousy is adorable, I just have to admit it. " I promise I will tell you if you tell me when your going to be that close to another girl." I promise. " I promise." He promises.

" Where is everyone?" I ask when I walk down the steps. " Well all the boys except Alex went to go do manly stuff probably look for Piper and the girls and Alex, J.J. and Lucas went to the mall." Candra answers. "Oh and Christopher's here." Tiffany mentions. She's attempting at knitting but it looks like a snake rather than whatever she's making. Candra's trying to balance her phone on her noise. Candra is sixteen but she's more like a seventeen year old to Tiffany and I. " Well that's just peachy." I comment sitting on an ottaman. " Here are your drinks." Fredric says placating a tray of drinks on the coffee table. There's three. Fredric walks out of the room. " Here's a pick-me-up, Ashley." Tiffany hands me some kind of drink that smells of alcohol. I shrug and take a sip and regret it immediately. " This is way to strong." I say," How did you even get Fredric to make this?" " Tiffany told him the third one was for Christopher." Candra remarks. " He doesn't drink that stuff does he?" I ask. Tiffany shrugs. " Whatever, I want hot chocolate." I say getting up and walking towards the basement door. " Kitchens that way." Candra reminds me. I lift up the fake plant to reveal a key. " Oh you have a key to the cellar don't you?" Tiffany asks, " Does the cellar here and the cellar at the house in L.A. have the same locks?" " Unforunatley no." I answer. The door opens, " Where are you going?" Christopher asks. " No where just need to get something." I answer. " There's nothing down there for you." He says still standing in my way. He's like a brother which gets really annoying sometimes. " Of course there is, it's my house." I say. " There's. A wine cellar and a spice room for the chef." He replies," So therefore nothing for you." " Buzz kill." I say rolling my eyes. I put the key in my pocket. He's standing on the first step so I shut the door. " Wait," I open the door again," Why were you down there?" " Snowboard." He says shaking the snow board. " That's my snow board yours is down there." I say. " Yours is pink." He says. " And if I remember, yours isn't." I say unzipping the cover revealing a pink snowboard. I shut the door again," Your brother had to have lost his brain when he was skiing yesterday." " Yesterday? I think it left when he was dropped on his head by the nanny." Tiffany corrects me which we all laugh at. " Why are there woman relaxing instead of cooking?" A male Italian accent says which the person sounds kinda old. " Nonno!" I jump up and hug him. " Nonno." Tiffany hugs him. " Hey Nonno." Candra hugs him. " Where's Nonna?" Tiffany asks. " She's talking well more yaking with her sister on the phone." He answers. " Typical, I could fall asleep and she'd still be talking." Candra comments. " Where's your fathers?" He asks. " We don't know for sure, but we think their looking for Piper." Tiffany answers. He runs his hand over his slicked back grey hair. Christopher is closing the basement door. He's holding the snowboard," Hey Nonno." Christopher walks out the door into the snow. " Maybe he'll be doing the cooking." Nonno says. We laugh. " I believe that while Ashley is getting me the cookies I know she was making yesterday, you two girls go find out where your grandmother is." He instructs. I take off to the kitchen while Tiffany and Candra start off to find Nonna. What's the point of putting the cookies on a diffrent I'd he's just going to eat them all. I pick up the platter of cookies and pour a glass of milk. " Your cookies." I say setting the tray next to the drinks. Oh crap. I pick up the drinks and put them behind a plant. " Why put drinks behind a plant?" Nonno asks suspiciously. " So I dont forget their there." I lie. I sit down on an ottoman. This ottoman is really comfy. " Why can't we just have the police find Piper?" I ask the question that's been bugging me all day. " Don't tell your Nonna this but you've always make the best cookies." He changes the subject. " Why did this happen to her again?" I ask. " Where did Christopher go?" He looks around. " Stop changing the subject." I protest. " Veronica, Veronica you got her back when she was one you'll get her back now." I hear my Nonna's voice say. " Speak of the devil." He whispers. " Just get back here." She instructs before putting the phone in her coat pocket. " Ashley darling how are you?" She asks hugging me," Where's your sisters?" She asks. " The mall." I say flatly. " And you, Tiffany and Candra are here?" She asks. " Lucky mall." Nonno remarks.
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