The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


23. Slumber party

"Okay so maybe your not here with someone." Gabby says, we're in a huge circle. There's at least fifteen people in here. "I told you." I say. My phone buzzes, spoke too soon. " Who is?" Carmen asks. I look at my phone, it's Justin ," No one." I say. " yeah right, I bet it's your boyfriend." Raina says. "What, that's like five hours behind or something." I say rolling my eyes. My phone buzzes again. "Not if he's downstairs!" Izzy says running to the door. Four or five girls are right behind her. " What are you going to do go knock on every door of this hotel looking for Justin Bieber?" Mariah asks. Finally someone with sense! " We're going to go ask the front desk person." Izzy replies putting her blonde hair in a pony tail. "It's bound to be a boy." Gabby says. "To prove that he's not here, I'll text him." I say. Everyone squeals. " All I'm saying is hey." I clarify. They all nod. I type the message and press send," There, I sent it." A ping comes from outside, crap. Izzy runs to the door. And looks through the peephole," You liar!" She says, "and he's right across the hall from you!" My phone buzzes, Gabby takes it from me and throws it to Izzy who opens the door and runs down the hall. "I can't believe you just did that." I say getting up and running after Izzy. " Wait up!" Gabby calls. Where did she go? I'm at the end of the hall. Gabby has caught up," I know where she went. They have huge gym here, follow me." She says taking off towards the elevator. We reached the elevator when we hear Izzy laughing, running past us back to the suite. Gabby laughs while she follows Izzy. This is a good reason I dont vist them. I take off after them. Okay their going to pay. I'm at my suite now, the door is open but the room is empty. I see my phone sitting on my sleeping bag. Yes! I don't care where those girls went, I'm too tired for this. My phone buzzes, it's Gabby,"open the door." I really shouldn't do this, but I don't think I have a choice. I open the door, girls start filing in. "We're sorry for taking your phone." Izzy says , Gabby nods.
" Because I haven't seen you in a year, I'm going to let it slide." I say. They high five. We're back in the circle.
Everyone is asleep. Except for me. My phone starts vibrating, who could it be now? "R u awake?" Its from Justin. " Yes." I reply. Instant reply," Me 2, come stay with me. Only 4 a few hrs." I look around, everyone is asleep. " Only 4 a little while." I reply. Another instant reply," Its unlocked." I stand up, wow there's a lot of people, not tripping is hard. I grab a NorthFace before open the door.Its super bright out here. I open the door, it's pitch black. I shut the door once I'm inside. It's freezing in here. I walk to a door and open it. It's dim, but I can barley see. It's also colder in here than it is out there. I can see Justin though, he's lying on the bed. I walk over to the other side and lay down. "Why are you so far away?" he whispers pulling me close to him.It's cold but hes super warm. " Hows the slumber party?" He asks. "Dredful." I say. It Really is. "I'm sorry to hear that." He teases. I roll my eyes. I can hear the rain easing up. " Well you were very loud." He contuines. " You can think Izzy for that one." I say turning and looking at him. He's smirking, he did something. " What did you do?" I ask. " Nothing." He says trying not to smirk. " Fine don't tell me." I say turning back around. He chuckles and pulls me even closer to him. " Don't worry, I wont." he says. Should I be worried? " Why is it so cold in here?" I ask. "I like the cold." He replys. I know he likes the cold but this is ridculosly cold. Theres a click and the lights turn off. " So you like it dark too?" I ask with a hint of sarcasm. " I thought you hit the switch." He says. " um nope." I reply. "Must be the storm." He says. I didn't notice the thunder till now. " I guess." I say. I grab a blanket, I'm going to freeze to death. Now it's warm. "How are you not cold?" I ask him. He shrugs. That explains a lot, not. " How are you cold, your next to me." He says. "Your cocky, but your right." I agree. I'm trying really hard not to laugh. " Yep!" he says grinning. Ok I can't help but laugh. He rolls his eyes. I put my head on his chest, he runs his fingers through my hair. I can hear his heart beat. We're silent. A few minutes pass, an hour passes. I have to get back to my room. I'm pretty sure Justins sleeping. I slowly start getting up. Justin grabs my hand, so much for being asleep. He pulls me back to him, "I'm sure you can stay for a little while longer." He says before kissing me.
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