The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


51. Silence and Lambs....

Justin is never allowed to choose the movie again. Never ever. Its two in the morning and I haven't slept at all. Justin's sleeping like a baby. Ping! Even my phone makes me jump. Who is texting me at two in the morning? " Hey what's up?" Harry. " Nothing much but it's two in the morning." I reply. " It's eleven." He says. " Oh three hour time difference." I say. It's quite, too quite. " Huh? Where are you?" He asks. " Somewhere in Canada. I really don't know exactly where." I inform. " Cool." He texts. That word is like K. Its still quite. Extremley quite. I should listen to music. Wait someone could sneak up on me and make a bunch of noise but I wouldn't know. So that's a no on music. " Sort of. It's really quite." I text. T.V? That will probably wake Justin. " Why is that bad?" He texts back. " Someone might try and kill me." I reply. " What?" He asks. " Two clues. Silence and Lambs." I say. " Wow." He replies. " Yeah well I have to go. I think something's down stairs." I text. " Good luck." He texts. Okay, there's nothing down stairs I just need to chill out. If their not down stairs can't they be upstairs?! I turn the lamp on next to me. Phew there's nothing there. I turn the lamp off. I lay back down. There's a thud and I turn the lamp back on. I look at the ground to see my phone laying on it. Okay i just knocked it on the ground. I lean down to grab the phone and sit back up. " Ashley what are you doing?" A voice says. I scream and fall on the ground. I look up to see Justin who's barley awake, chuckling. I sit back on the bed. " What are you doing?" He asks in between chuckles. " I just dropped my phone." I say. " Twice?" He asks. " You picked a really scary movie, it's not my fault." I make an excuse. " Its just a movie." He says. Try telling my nerves that. " I'll protect you from the trees that make noises." He promises. I turn the lamp off again and lay down. He wraps his arms around me and kisses my cheek. " Are you really that scared?" He asks. " Yes." I admit. " What do you want for Christmas?" He asks. " I don't know." I reply. " What about perfume? Do you the new one?" He asks. The Girlfriend perfume? " Sure. It smells like perfume." I say. " You don't like it?" He's drawing circles on my stomach with his finger. " I love it." I say, " I just think the commercials interesting. You should've had someone with an accent say the name. Like all the other ones do." " Note to self, have person with accent for perfume commercial." He makes the note aloud. " Or fire works can spell the name in the sky." He says. " Dont get carried away." I remind him. " But that's what makes it perfect." He says. " Oh okay." I roll my eyes.

Sleep, sleep is nice. Its always nice except when someone is waking me up. But there's a turn around. " Justin, Justin, wake up." I coo. He moans and pulls the blanket closer to him," Five more minutes." " You said that three hours ago." I add. " Wha?" He mumbles. " It's almost one a-clock." I say dropping a shopping bag on the floor. " How?" He murmurs running my eyes. " Its time, it goes by." I say. " Where did you go?" He says looking around. There are some shopping bags in here. " To the mall." I giggle. " What's funny?" He asks. " Nothing." I say, " I just thought of something funny. But get up." I say walking out of the room. " What are we doing today?" He calls. " Putside in the snow." I call back. " So what are we doing in the snow?" He asks running down the stairs. We're going for a swim in the lake outside," What do you think we're doing?" " Tanning?" He asks. I throw a pillow from the couch at him. He runs out the back door towards a hill.
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