The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


33. Should've seen that one coming

" Theres no way we're going today." Emily says walking away from the skylight/window/ glass wall. " Nope." Molly agrees. It's raining cats and dogs as Billy put it in class today. " We should have them come over!" Serrna suggests cheerfully! " Yes!" Molly agrees. " Done!" Anna says walking into the living room. I'm leaning against a wall, looking down at the sea of umbrellas, thinking about Candra. " Ash, why are you so...." Anna says walking over to me," Gloomy? Your usually happy,cheery, eccentric!" I look at her," Candra drinks. With Caroline." I say looking back out to the umbrellas. " Candra Candra? blamed and blue haired, tattooed Candra? The girl with the same exact tattoo as you? The girl who swore she'd never drink till she was old enough, Candra?" She asks. " Yes. Do you know what my grandmother will do to me if she finds out?" I ask walking to the couch and falling over the back looking at the celing. She sits next to me shaking her head. " She'll probably send me to France to stay with her fantabulous granddaughter to help her design." I say. " That doesn't sound terrible." Emily says. " Or she'll tell my mom who will tell my dad who will send me to Italy to live with his parents and there's no way in living there with them and that hotel chain!" I argue. " Those hotels are huge! And your grandmothers a designer!" Serrena says. I shake my head. They don't get it! My family is crazy and weird and loud and opinionated. " No." I say. " What about the vineyard?" Emily asks. " If she gets caught, it's my fault because I'm supossedly supossed to watch her and keep her under control." I say. " Says who?" A male voice asks. We look at the elevator to see the five guys we haven't seen in a year.
" Are you sure you guys aren't coming?" Mikey asks from inside the elevator. " Look at the mess we have to clean up." Andrew says looking at the kitchen. " Your missing out." Serrena says. " No way, if it doesnt get cleaned tonight, it won't get cleaned because you guys are soo lazy!" I say throwing a towel at them. " That's our que to leave before they make us stay and help." Martin says pressing buttons. Their laughing till the door closes. " Thanks for helping." I say loading the dishwasher. " No problem." Andrew says throwing a pizza box away. " No really, when they come back drunk, and have to call in sick Tommrow, I'd still be cleaning." I say. " It's not that bad." He says looking to the previously cleaned living room. " When they come back, Serrena will probably make a big mess and I won't be here to clean it." I say. He laughs, the same laugh I've known for almost five years. " You guys aren't even old enough to drink." He says. " Neither are you guys." I say. " So? We can handle ourselves." He argues. I roll my eyes. " You know I haven't seen those blue eyes since you were thirteen? Then you changed them." He says. Oh god here we go again. " that was like what five years ago?" I ask turning off the faucet of hot water. " I think so." He replies swinging a towel over his shoulder. " Remember when we had to clean the dining hall from a food fight you started?" He asks leaning against the counter next to me. " If I remember correctly you started it." I correct him. " No actually you started it." He disagrees. " Ha ha, no. You started it by throwing that piece of pizza." I correct him again. " But you threw back a slice of pie." He says. I roll my eyes. " That was not on purpose it just flew off Molly's plate." I defend myself. " Yeah okay whatever." He says pushing his hand through his brown hair. " So has L.A. changed?" He asks. I shake my head," Not much." I say. " Well what about you? Have you changed?" He asks. Have I? " I don't think so. Maybe, I don't know." I reply. " How do you not know?" He asks. " I just dont." I say simply. " Do you still like baseball players?" He says stepping in front of me. I look up at him, no, I have a boyfriend. " Uh not really." I say wishing he'd back off, I don't like him anymore. " Are you sure?" He asks getting closer. " I'm pretty sure." I say stepping to the left. " That's too bad, I still like models from California." He says grabbing me by the waist. " I'll let you know when my model friends are single." I say backing up into another counter. " But your right here." He says pushing a piece of hair out of my face. My phones vibrating, " Hey Justin." I say trying to push past Andrew. He walks over to the couch. " Hey babe. What's up?" He asks. " Nothin much just cleaning. What about you?" I ask looking at the now clean kitchen. " I just finished a sound check." He replies. " Sounds fun." I say. " Haha yeah. I wish you were here." He says. I wish I was there too. " You have no idea," I say quieter," I have to go call you later." " Okay, love you." He says. " Love you too, bye." I reply. " Bye." He says. I walk over to Andrew. " So you have a boyfriend?" He asks when I sit down. " Yeah." I trail off. " That's cool." He says," Should've seen that coming."
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