The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


63. Shoreline

" Ashley chill it on the alcohol." Emily says. " Oh you sound like Anna." I roll my eyes before finishing the rest of whatever's in the bottle. " Huh?" She asks. " She said my drinking is out of control." I reply," Who is she to tell me how much I should drink?" I ask walking over to a cooler. This party is awesome! So many people I don't even recognize, I don't even recognize Emily right now so that can be a sign. But I'm going to choose to ignore it! " You know maybe she's right." Emily says watching me as I open a bottle of beer. " You can't really handle that much," She's starting to sound concerned," I mean your a light weight and it doesn't really work out well when you've drank the amount you already have." I laugh a very giddy and careless laugh," If I want to drink let me!" " How about we set that down," She suggests. " Let's not and say we did." I suggest. " How many of those did you have?" She asks. " I don't know like four." I say. " And you had shots?" She asks. I nod as I'm taking drink. " I think you've had more than four and I clearly can't talk any sense into you so I'm going to find someone who can." She says," You just stay right here and I'll be right back." She walks into the crowd. I love beach parties, their so much fun. So fun. So so so much fun. Why am I standing here? I begin to walk away but someone grabs my hand I turn around and Harry's holding my hand," Why don't we go look at the sea?" I shrug and let him lead me to the shoreline. " Are you okay?" He asks. " Why wouldn't I be?" I ask. " I know for sure you didn't just have four drinks and you don't seem to be slowing down." He says. " Why does it matter how many drinks I've had?" I ask. " Because its not good to drink as much as you have." He says slowly taking the bottle out of my hand. " A lot of things aren't good in life." I reply. The water is making the music be softer, I could just hear a minute ago. I look at Harry," Why are you so blurry?" I ask blinking. " I'm blurry?" He asks," Are you alright?" " I feel-" " Ashley?" I hear his voice. It turns to gibberish and I don't hear anything anymore.
" What do you mean she spiked?!" I hear Justin's voice. " She got more than tipsy." I hear Harry. I hear a door open and I think I'm hearing Niall's voice.
" You can't reach them," I hear Izzy's voice," Their in Antarctica." " Because she's an adult, she doesn't have to contact her parents." I hear a male voice say. Where am I? Why can't I open my eyes? Whoa I'm so tired now.
I keep hearing this beeping, it's quite annoying. Why won't it stop? I don't seem as tired as I did before. I blink my eyes open," Your awake." I hear Justin say. I look to see Justin to my left. He's smiling. Why is he here in California when he's supposed to be in Europe? I look around and see wires going into my hand and my arm. Oh no, where am I? The beeping starts getting faster. I really hope I'm not in a hospital. " Where am I?" I ask Justin. The beeping gets louder. " If I tell you, you have to stay calm. Your in a hospital." He says. I wince at the sound of the words. I look around and see more tubes and wires. Is that a blood bag?! A nurse walks in and looks at me then the heart monitor that's making all the beeping noise. Oh my god, I can't be in a hospital. I shake my head trying to wake up. This has to be a dream, I never go into hospitals ever. " She's afraid of hospitals." Justin tells the nurse. " Stop saying that word." I say digging my nails into the bed. The nurse injects something into a tube. The noise starts to slow down, I'm getting very sleepy.
What ever that was, it was very strong. Now that I know I'm in a hospital, I have to think I'm not. I open my eyes to see Harry and Niall. Why am in seeing this when I wake up? Harry and Niall both smile. I can't help to smile. " Go ahead, no ones here at midnight." Niall says looking around. Harry leans and kisses me. " I'm so glad that your okay." He says. " What happened?" I ask. " You drank too much." Niall says. Harry shoots him a look and Niall turns to look out a window. " You drank to much." Harry sums it up. " Justin went to distract the paparazzi." He adds," He doesn't want you in any magazine or something like that." " What is he telling them?" I ask. " That we were all here to donate blood." He replies," but all your friends know." "All of them left you get well presents, their everywhere." Niall says," Literally, you have half a floor to yourself." " What day is it?" I ask. " Monday." Harry says. " I've been asleep for two days?" I ask. The door opens and Zayn walks in," In a hospital." Zayn adds. I cringe," What, are you scared of hospitals?" Louis asks following him. " If she's cringing when you say it then yes." Liam says. " If she doesn't like them then stop saying it." Niall says. " Wait let's check." Louis says. Harry elbows him," Fine." Louis gives up. " Do you know what happened to my phone?" I ask Harry. " The doctor said your not allowed to use it." He says," Something about stress and how your supposed to recover." " For how long?" I ask. " Your eyes are really pretty." He try's to change the subject. " Just a few days." He says. " Like Tuesday?" I ask. He shakes his head. " Wednesday?" I ask. " Next Monday." He says. I laugh," That's funny, but seriously when can I leave?" I ask. " I'm not joking." He admits. " Hey Ashley," Izzy comes in," The doctor said you'd be waking up now." She looks around at room full of One Direction members. " Uh, Gabby called and she'll be in Wednesday." Izzy continues," The nurse put your stuff in the bathroom. I'm really sorry but I'm supposed to be at the gym and coach Sanders is crazy." " Thanks Izzy." I say. She walks out of the room. " Was that your sister?" Zayn asks. I nod. " I'll be back." Zayn says. " She's sixteen." Harry adds. Zayn sighs. " Who's Gabby?" Liam asks. " My sister." I reply. " Does she look like her?" Louis asks. " Their twins." I answer. " Hmh." Zayn remarks. Niall starts walking out of the room," Where are you going?" Liam asks. " Hot nurses." Niall says. Zayn, Liam and Louis follow him and shut the door. " Finally alone." I say kissing Harry. " I missed you so much." He says. " I missed you too." I say.
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