The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


27. School

Where is this light coming from? I'm just guessing that it's Sunday. The light from the window is shining in my face. Ouch! Head ache, wait understatement, migraine is closer. " Get up!" Someone throws a pillow at me. I hold the pillow over my head then let go, not bothering to see who it was. " I'm sleeping in till noon." I mumble. " It's three." They say again throwing something else at me. It feels like a shoe. " Whyyyyyy?" I whine. " Because you have to help decide where to put the new couch!" They say pulling the blanket off me. The pillow flys off my head. I look up, squinting just to see Molly and Anna standing over me. I let my head fall onto the bed. " Out." I demand, pointing in what direction i think the door is. Someone grabs my left leg, someone else grabs the right. They pull me off the bed. I land on wood floor. Thump. I drag myself to my feet and trudge down the hall way. There's boxes every where, I now know their everywhere, because I end up accidentally kicking one. I look at the room, there's already a couch in place with Serrina snoring on it. I turn around with a, why'd-you-bother-me look. " Really?" I say with a swinging motion of my arm. " I'm pretty sure that's the same one we ordered off the catalog." I say spitting a piece of hair out of my mouth. " That one is," Anna says turning me around. " But we just ordered that one." Molly says pointing to a wicker couch that Emily was spread out on with an ice pack on top of her forehead. " That ones for..." I murmur. " The roof top garden!" Anna says resembling Oprah, the garden part still ringing in my ears. Emily groans annoyed. I concur, these girls behind me, weren't very drunk, so not a big hangover. Me and the ones in front of me, we're completley drunk, so huge hangover. I push passed the girls back to my room. I shut the blinds and close the curtains. Darkness! I grab the recently thrown pillow along with a blanket and lay on the bed. I was not in control last night. Tony is way hotter now than he was two years ago. Well he is when he's drunk, other than that he's a douche. It hurts to think now. The bed starts vibrating. What the? My phone! I look under the blanket and the pillow. I lift up a stuffed animal and my phones there. Text message, more like messages. There's a couple from Tanya, a few from Candra, but there's one from Tiffany that she just sent," Tony Woods just called the house fone asking for u, told him to call ur cell." " Gr8." I type back. I hit send, my phone starts ringing. Contact I.D., Tony Woods, why is he in my phone? " Hello?" I say. " Hey Ashley." Tony say. Maybe he did recognize me. " Hey Tony." I manage to say, aspirin would be really good right now. " So I heard your in New York for a while, that's cool." He's making conversation? " Yeah, is Anna not answering her phone? She might not have service on the roof." I offer. " Actually I was wondering if you wanted to go to this really cool club, it's opening tonight." He replies. " Sorry I can't, I have a bunch of stuff to do." I say, he must've remembered me. " That's cool I understand. Next time your at a college kegger, lemme know, I'll introduce you to some really cool people" He says. " Anna wasn't there," I lie," I was there with some other friends." " I honestly don't card if she was or wasn't," He admits," She's eighteen, she can make her own descions, I was just glad to see you." I roll my eyes at this comment. " Ok, bye." I say hanging up the phone. I roll out of bed, and get dressed, we have to go into the school to find the " classrooms". " No she's not interested, " Anna says outside my room," She has a boyfriend... no I will most certainly not! Ask her yourself! Relay the message? Goodbye Tony!" She finishes walking in. She looks at me and nods, " My brother needs to get a life! You must promise your not getting back with him." She demands. " No worries there." I say seriously. " I don't want to see you guys make out again." " We never made out in front of you." I protest. " I saw you two at Sneak Peak." She says. " Nosy much?" I ask. Why follow someone there unless its your own boyfriend? " " You were the one sneaking around with my brother." She argues. " What ever, long time ago, never happening again." I say ending this conversation. We walk down the hallway, the garden couch is gone, Serrina is gone, so is Emily along with Molly. We reach the elevator that comes into the living room . "Wait." I say grabbing a bottle of aspirin. " Now we can go." I say.
" This school is huge!" Serrina says opening the door to the main hall. " It has to be." Emily says. " Where's the dorms?" Molly asks. " We passed them." Anna replies. " Have fun with your classes." I say backing down a long hallway lined with lockers. " You too." Emily says going down the one across from mine. Molly, Serrina , and Anna went in opposite directions. The hall is for Hip Hop classes, Beginers, on level, advanced, then gifted. I walk into the door with the word " Gifted" written across the top in block letters. A class full of teenagers, some look older than others. Everyone is talking, really loud. It's a typical dance studio. No one seems to notice me. Not a good thing. I walk to the front of the room, still in noticed. If I remember correctly, the system is so round sound. I plug my iPhone into the music mixer and Bach is now the loudest thing in here. Instantly everyone puts their hands over their ears and stare at me. I unplug it, " Glad to have your attention." I say with authority, this is fun! " Who are you?" A girl with a nose ring asks. " The teacher." I reply unstacking a chair. " Yeah right, you look about seventeen! There's no way your a teacher." A boy with a beanie says. " I'm eighteen and I am your instructor, now sit." I say again. Everyone sits but a group of five. I love being in charge. " So are you going to just stand there?" I ask. The whole room turns to look at the back left corner. No reply. The rebels. " Okay then," I Say picking up a clip board, roll call, boring. The room is silent except for the noise my heels make against the wood. I look up, I count heads, twenty people, small class. " Whos Blake?" I ask looking up from the roll call list again. One of the still standing girls raises her hand. " Well come up here." I say. There chuckles from the crowd. Blue and black hair, interesting. " Take this to the front office," I say handing her an envelope. She looks at me dumbstruck," Go on." She rolls her eyes and walks out the door. " Yikes." I say under my breath. Everyone laughs exept the other four rebels. " Im Ashley, your instructor for the year. I can be fun, but I can be strict. But most of the time fun." I look at the class, I stop pacing. " You." I say pointing to the boy in beanie. " What's your name?" I ask. They all turn to look at him. " Zach." He says. I sit down in the chair I unstacked earlier, I want to know why their so surprised. " Zach, why are you so shocked im your instructor?" I ask curiously. " Your younger than me and your my teacher, it's weird." He says. " Wait it's weird because I'm a young teacher or I'm younger than you?" I ask trying to clear the air, everyone stops looking at me to look at him. " Both." He says. " Yeah." The nose ring girl says. " And you are.." I ask. " Caroline." She replies confidently. " How old are you Caroline?" I say. " Nineteen." She says still confident. I nod, their right, it is werid. " So do you want fun or strict?" " Fun." The class says. " So if you want it fun, listen the first time, the second time will be strict." Everyone nods in understand meant. Blake walks through the door," Blake, get your little clique and all five of you come up here." I say. Another eye roll but she does as told. " Talk but be quiet. " Instruct the rest of the class, they do so. " Who are you four?" I ask the rebels. " Maddie." a short blonde says. " Lillia" a tall brown haired girl says. " Mike." A black haired boy says. " Vlanz." A boy with red hair says. " Intresting bunch." I say , " Let's get this straight, listen to me and I'll listen to you. Got it?" I ask. They nod," Dismissed." I finish. They walk back to their corner laughing obnoxiousl. Migraine! I pop two more aspirins in my mouth. My purse starts to vibrate, Justin? Why is he calling me now? " Hey." I say picking up the phone more relaxed. " Hey." He says. There's no way I can talk on the phone in this room. I cross the room to the hall. " So how was that kegger?" He asks with a laugh. I slap my hand to my face," How do you know about that?" I ask. " You told me last night. Your really funny when your drunk." He says. Wow, nice one Ashley. " Why are you calling me now? I have to teach ya' know." I say changing the subject. " I needed to hear your voice." He replies. He's so sweet. " And to make sure you weren't thinking about Anna's hot brother." He says. " I never called him hot." I say. " Yes you did." He teases. "What else did I say?" I ask, this is humiliating. " Nothing much. You fell asleep." He says," Are you ever going to tell me about you tattoo?" I knew this would come up again. " Let me get back to you on that one." I say hearing an up-roar of Poker Face coming from my class. " Sorry gotta go, bye!" I say pressing the " End" button. I open the door, the music stops, only for a second though, Pink comes on. This is out of control. How am I going to do this? Just like the teachers did at my high school. I walk to the sound board. The off button is not an option, back to Bach. " Who's IPod?" I say waving it in the air. Red pixie walks to the front, I toss it to her. " Is anyone excited to go to L.A ?" I ask. " Me!" Caroline yells from the middle of the room. " I am!" a brown haired boy standing next to Caroline says. " I know i am." I say. Maybe I can reason with them. I pull a nail file out and start filing my n nails. " Why?" someone asks. I look up, it's Maddie. " I left there, to come teach here. And honestly, I can't wait to go back." I reply blankly. " Then why'd you come and teach here?" Blake asks. " For the experience and fun. But I also owe the owners a favor." This is completly true. " Ashley?" A familiar Australian accent says. I turn to see Candra. " Candra?" I say. I glance at the class, their watching us. She hurries to the front of the class. " What are you doing here?" She says quietly. " Teaching, what are you doing here?" I answer a question with another question. " Exchange." She answers. The bell rings, dismissing my main class. I'm glad meeting the fourteen year olds isn't till Tommrow. The class leaves loudly. " So you go here now and your in the gifted hip hop class?" I ask. " And ballet." She says," So your in New York for two months?" " It's only going to be one." I correct her. " I thought it was two." She says. " There's no way I'm spending two months here, I'll call my mom and have her talk to grandma." I explain. Candra laughed," You should just ask her yourself." " Yeah right," I say sitting down, " She'd bite my head off. Then lecture me about going to college or modeling here or forget college and modeling and become an actress!" She nods, " Plus it's hard to understand her, she talks too fast." " It doesnt help that half the time it's in French. Don't you have another class?" I ask. " It's the end of the day!" She says. Oh yeah. " I have to get to my room, I'm rooming with some shelia named Caroline." She says. She doesn't seem that bad. " Good luck." I say standing up. " Ha ha thanks." She says walking out the door.
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