The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


45. Sapphires and rubys

" Why did we leave so early?" Justin asks. He's still drunk but not as funny. " I dont think you would've made it home." I say. I'm tired but Justin just keeps talking about nothing. " Hmh, good point." He relplies. I forgot what show he's watching. I think its Drake and Josh. Now Drake Bell looks like a professor and Josh Peck looks decent. I'm so tired, I glance at Justin. He's watching the show. Maybe he wont notice if I sleep. Why not give it a try. I close my eyes. I'm instantly relaxed. My head is clear. No more distractions so now I can sleep.

" Such a lovely dress but no where to wear it to." Anna remarks as she picks a emerald green floor length gown. " Don't forget about the charity ball." I remind her. " I have to buy it." She says taking it to the clerk. " What about you, how are you dealing with the anxiety about the shoot wednsday?" " I've been cooking and baking and a lot of shopping." I admit," I have seven cashmere sweater sets and I don't even wear cashmere sweaters." " Did you bake cupcakes?" She asks. " Only about nine dozen." I answer as we walk out of the store. " What'd you do with them." She wonders "I gave four plates to Justin and the other sixty are on platters frosted and I haven't touched them." I say," And I don't even like them!" " What about cake pops?" She asks. " What about them?" I ask. " You should make some." She replies. I give the did-you-really-just-ask-that look. " Sorry, just want cake pops." She says. " We can make cake pops later." I say looking at a pair of ballerina flats. " What are you doing for Thanksgiving?" Anna wonders. " Dinner with the Family so I'm leaving for Loudoun a day after we get back from Pittsburg." I answer. " Ah, Loudoun, I haven't been to see granny in a while. I wonder how my cat is with the house servants." She trails. " You haven't seen that cat in years. I'd be surprised if he's still alive." I say. In the one year we both lived there she managed to name a cat Fido and a dog Fluffy. Tiffany avoided her at all costs. She thought Anna lived in a backwards world. " Is your house almost finished?" Anna asks. " Yes actually." I say pleased," Their just finishing appliances and the sort." She nods understandingly," Didn't your mom say that your going to have a house keeper?" " Sadly." I answer. House keepers bother me. I made Mom and Dad get rid of her in the houses when I was on holiday. Same with the butlers. Always standing around, eavesdropping on conversations. " Only when I'm not here though." I contuine," Or I don't know what'd i do." We walk a little more, glancing in shops as we do. " I still don't see why you have problems with house staff. Their great for party clean up." She explains. We walk into a Jewlery store. " That may be true, but their always there." I say. " What do you mean?" She asks. " Let's say you were playing that video game you love so much," I begin. " MineCraft." She informs. " Right, MineCraft. So lets say you won and you did a really werid dance and didn't want anyone to see. But it ends up that a maid sees and she tells a maid who tells everyone." I say. " Now everyone knows that I play MineCraft like a geek!" She whispers. She's staring into space, her finger still hovering above the glass. Over a green sapphire necklace and a set of matching earrings. " I see what you mean." She says looking at me seriously," Do you know what your modeling on Wednesday?" She shakes her head as if our of a trance as she asks. " Lingerie and winter sets." I answer. " I bet Justin will like that." She says. Justin knows I'm modeling the winter sets, but not the lingerie. " I like the rubys." I point out. " He doesn't know?" She asks wide eyed. " He does know!" I defend myself. " The rubys." I say to the sales woman behind the counter. She nods and proceeds to make the sale. " Besides why wouldn't I tell him?" I ask. " If I'm correct, you didn't tell your last boyfriend about a lingerie photoshoot." She answers. I hand the lady the card and sign the receipt. " Andrew didn't care!" I say. The lady hands my the bag and we walk out. Dead silence! I'm always right. " Now I need a dress to go with this." I say glancing at the jewelry bag.
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