The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


9. Rehersals , then a photo shoot.

It's six a.m, I'm driving to Dance Company, sucking down a latte from StarBucks. I pull into Dance company, seeing the same four cars i've seen for 5 years. I toss my empty latte cup, walk up the flight of stairs and into the dance lobby. "Hey," I say to molly stevens who is stretching,"Did you get the hats for tonights show?" i ask. "Tiffany never fails." she replys. I walk into the dance studio. Anna, Sirrena, and Brooke are already stretching. Molly walks in. I put down my duffel bag to start stretching. " How long do you think we'll be able to keep our un-known leader under reps?" Molly asks. " It's been a year, and no one has found out." Sirrena replys. Brooke and Anna nod in agreement. "What about you Ash?" Brooke asks. I shrug, " Till we get caught." I say with a smirk. " Let's start with the back flips then move to tumbling." I say. We get started right away. For the next 6 hours, we prepare for tonights show.


Were finally done with rehersals. I'm walking out of the building to the already full parking lot, my hair is damp from the shower. i'm dressed in a tank top, sweat pants and my hip hop shoes, theres no point of me getting dressed up to go an get put in a completly diffrent out fit. It's rush hour and im stuck in traffic on the free way. This is totally boring, i won't need a spray tan once i get to the shoot, because i'll already be completly tan. My phone starts ringing, i answer it not bothering to look at number. " Hey what's the situtaion? I'm just trying to make a little conversation." The person on the other end sings. "Look behind you." I turn around and see Justin behind me sitting in a convertiable, with the top down. "So whats the occasion?" I ask. "I'm stuck in traffic but i have an exclent view, so it's not that bad." "Yeah maybe for you, but for me, it sucks. Who's sitting next to you?" I ask. " Just a friend." He says. I'm looking at him through my mirror. "I wish you were sitting next to me." I say. "That can be arranged." He says. "What?" I ask. "You'll see." Then he hangs up the phone. I turn around to see him getting out of his car , his friend taking the wheel, him walking to the side of my car and him jumping in without even opening the door. He's smiling at me, i'm smiling back. He gets closer to me, just inches away he whispers," I dont think were going anywhere for a while." "I agree." I whisper back.  He presses a button on the dash board, the top goes up, and we start kissing. He's such a good kisser, it has been atleast fifteen minutes and the cars still haven't moved. My phone buzzes, we pull away, it's a text from Tanya, " Shoots canceled, the traffic is to bad for anyone to get here, resheculed on monday.". " Who is it?" He asks. " It's Tanya, the shoot is canceled." He smiles, we go back to what we were first doing. For a half an hour the traffic hasn't moved and nethier have we. Sadly he notices that the cars are moving. He types an adress into a gps. We arrive at where the gps says, it's his house i'm guessing, i've never been here. He comes around and opens my door, then leads me to his room. Were back to what we were doing before the cars started moving. Were sitting on a couch in his room, im on his lap. My hands are wrapped around his neck, his arms are wrapped around me, i know he wont let go and im totally fine with that. 2 hours pass, we havent stopped, then another 2 hours pass. He's kissing my neck and i'm kissing his when i notice the time. Its six o'clock already, just another half an hour i tell myself. It's been an hour when i notice the time again. I have a half an hour to get to the club. Were still in the same postion we began in. I pull away, "Whats wrong?" He asks not coming up from my neck. " I have less than an hour to get to the club, im supossed to be at rehersals in fifteen minutes." Do you have your costume?" He asks, he still hasn't come up from my neck, i didn't want to come up from his, i wish i didn't have to. " Brooke has it." I reply. He comes up from my neck, "I'll drive you." I smile at him, " Your the best boyfriend ever." I say before i get up. "I know." He replys. "In less than a minute, we're out the door and down the street. We arrived at the club. "Thank you so much." I say before kissing him and getting out. "See you back stage." He says, i run to the back stage door. " Hey where have you been?" Sirrena asks. "Is that a hickey?" Brooke asks pulling at my jacket collar. "Someone's gettin' busy." Anna says. "Molly your my favorite right now." "Why?" she asks while shoving my costume thats in a big,long bag, to my chest. "Because your not bombing me with questions that are none of your buisness!" I reply. She smiles, "Get changed." I took the bag and change. I'm sitting at the dressing table putting on eyeliner when Molly comes over with foundation.  "Bend your neck to the right." She starts putting the makeup over my neck. "How bad is it?" I ask. " It looks like Halloween make up for a black eye." I smile. "That should do it." Molly says. She hands me my hat and gloves. I'm the only one who wears a diffrent colored hat, and a  pair of fingerless gloves that always matches my hat, we wear only flat billed, custom made hats, so they dont fall off when were dancing, it tells everyone that i'm the leader. I finish my make up, even though you only see my lips from the crowd, Sirrena thinks i should , i don't argue with her just to save the fight. The rehersal went perfectly. I took off my jacket so i was just in my tank top.  My Hair is in the sexy hanging curl form, as Anna likes to call it. My phone is buzzing, it's from justin, " out back, no one's here." I walk outside with out the girls seeing me. I see him leaning against the wall. "Hey." I say walking over to him, i lean against the wall next to him. "Hey, dont you look sexy?" He replys. "Thanks." i say. He walks infront of me. He leans in and whispers in my ear, " No problem." I knew he was about to kiss my neck, the side he gave me a hickey on, " Justin-" but i was too late, he had barley finished the first kiss before he realized that he just got a mouth full of foundation. He wiped his mouth, and started kissing the other side of my neck. " How long do you have before you go have to go back in?" He asks still kissing me neck. "Half an hour." I reply before i start kissing his neck. "Perfect." He says. " Please dont give me another hickey," I pause for a second. "atleast till after the show." "I'll do my best." He replys. Half an hour passes super quickly when your not paying attention. "Ashley!" I hear Sirrena call from inside. I pull away, "I gotta go." i say. " I wish you didn't." he says, he doesn't pull away. "Yeah, but i have to go before they find me." He pulls away, i kiss him. "I'll be in the crowd." " And i'll be on stage." I say before i go inside, i watch him walk down the street through the window. I remember that he took some of my foundation off, i run over to the dressing table to put some on. "Were on in ten!" Molly calls from the lounge. I put my jacket and hat back on, i place the hood of the jacket so its barley covering my head. I walk into the lounge, their in the middle of pining their hoods to the hats. Brooke comes from behind me, she pins my hood to my hat. "You might want these." Brooke says handing me a pair of black Wayfayers. "I wonder who will catch them this time." Anna says. "Hopefully someone hot." Sirrena says. I smile at them. "Hey, the club is packed and the stage is set." Ben says walking in, i quickly turn around, not even our lights guy knows who i am. " Kay, thanks Ben." Molly says. Ben leaves. " Are you ready?" I ask, they all nod. " Okay then."






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