The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


88. Really? Hockey?

"I keep wondering why you have phone considering you never answer it." Justin tells me when I pick up the phone. "Who do you think you're talking to?" I ask him shocked. "Chill babe." He says, he's driving me insane. "I'm kinda busy can I call you back?" I ask. "But the real question is will you?" He asks with an attitude in his voice. "Find out." I say before hanging up. "Everything ok?" Tiffany asks. "Yep." I reply not making eye contact. "Ok." She ends the conversation. "You know, I miss New York." I tell her. "Then go back." She says simply. "I want to, but what about Justin?" I ask. "He's touring. Still." She says. "Yeah I mean what could possibly go wrong? I could spend two weeks in the city and just get over it." I come up with an idea. Oh crap, I'm supposed to talk to Harry today! "I have to go!" I say grabbing my purse. I trash my tea and leave. 

"No." Harry cuts me off. "What?" I ask puzzled. "I'm not going to forget about you." He tells me. "We'll you should." I say. "Why?" He asks. "Because I'm not interested! I was but not anymore. This is stupid because you like me and I don't like you. It's like you're waiting for a Starbucks latte at a pizza place." I tell him. He doesn't understand... "It's like you're waiting for Foster the People at a heavy metal concert." I put in simpler terms. It seems to click in his brain. "But if you're at that metal concert, then I'll gladly be there. But I know you hate metal music." He tells me with a slight smile/smirk. "You're not getting this! I don't like you, I'm in love with Justin. Ok? Do you have that part?" I ask. He nods. "I don't want to see you? Got that part too?" I ask. He nods again, his facial expression becoming more smirker. "Now last part, as Taylor Swift said about a billion times, We are never ever, ever getting back together." I finish. He stops nodding in mid nod and shakes his head. "Arghhhhhhhh!" I throw my hands up in the air. "Why are you so stubborn?" I ask. "Because I'm just like you." He replies. "I am not stubborn!" I deny his belief. "No one can change your mind about Justin. Which is strange considering you don't appear to try at the relationship." He explains. "If the relationship already works, there isn't a need to try. And I'll have you know, I do try, because if I don't its just Justin being goofy." I tell him, and immediately regret. "So really, it's just a relationship to you? But nothing to him? That's very interesting." He starts to stroke his chin as if he was in deep thought. "Just leave me alone, kay?" I ask before turning on my heel to leave his house. "I won't by the way." He adds. "You act as if I haven't figured that out yet." I say before opening the door. "And you yet have done anything to make me." He reminds me. "You're right, I'll get a restraining order!" I say stepping outside. "That wouldn't be smart." Harry comments right as I'm shutting his door. 

I'm bored. I feel like I was supposed to do something but I'm not sure what. I swing my feet over the edge of the counter and hope down only to slip and fall on my butt. "Hmh."I huff staying on the ground, oh that's right. I'm supposed to call Justin back. I reach into the pocket of my super comfy sweat pants and pull out my phone. I spit a piece of hair out of my mouth and decide to pull it back. Now that that's done I can call my boo. "Hey baby." He answers. "Hey boo, what did you want to talk about?" I ask leaning against the cabinet behind me. "Just wondering if you want to come with me to a hockey game next Thursday." He replies. He better be kidding. "Where is it?" I ask. "It's in Ontario." He says. "So the 21st?" I ask. "That's the day." He confirms. "Yeah whatever." I say. "Awesome!" He replies. We have our two hour long conversation before we disconnect. How does he expect me to go to a hockey game next Thursday? On the 21st? On my birthday? He forgot. Wow. Even when we weren't together I still remember and said happy birthday and stuff. But he forgot mine. I feel tears pooling up in my eyes. No! Stop it Ashley! You will not cry! He's just your fiancé. That's all. I sigh, how could he forget? I decided not to have the party because he said we should just go somewhere. And I know he wasn't talking about a hockey game because he said we would go to Santa Barbra. I'm not mad, just extremely sad. I think I need to go out and go shopping or go play tennis or a Hot yoga class. Yeah I think I'll go to hot yoga today. 

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