The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


57. Posters

" Ashley? Are you here? Is anyone here?" I hear Izzy's voice call. " I'm in here!" I call from my comfy spot on the couch. " Where's in here?" I hear her say again. " Where I am." I reply. " Why are you being so mean to her?" He asks. " Because she's my sister." I answer. " Well then." He says. I'm going to have to teach him to never be nice to my sister. So it turns out when Izzy was supposed to get in on Wednesday, she just got in on Friday. And Justin left yesterday, which at this point we're taking a break. I told him I need to get things figured out. " Oh my god your Harry Styles." Izzy's voice says. We turn to see Izzy wide eyed and her finger was about to hit the screen. " Hello." He says. " Hannah will show you your room." I say. " Please follow me." Hannah says taking one of Izzy's suitcases. They start walking up the stairs," No posters!" I add. " What!?" Izzy stops walking. " No posters, you practically create a new wall and it annoys me to death." I say. She starts walking up the stairs again. " What's wrong with a few posters?" Harry asks. " She puts up a few hundred." I reply. " Oh." He comments. He changes the channel. " I hope I wasn't watching that." I tease. " Were you really?" He asks. " Nope, I was just staring and listening to it because I wasn't watching it." I say sarcastically with an eye roll. " What channel is My Strange Addictions?" He asks. " I don't know but I recorded it." I reply. He clicks the button and the recordings pop up. He selects it and it comes on. " This is the rock one." I say remembering the info. " There's a party tonight on the beach," He says checking his phone," Wanna go?" He asks. " I wish, but I have to babysit." I nod toward upstairs. " Go ahead. I have plans already." Izzy says walking down the stairs. " When's the party?" I ask Harry.
He pulls me behind some rocks. " This party is awesome!" I comment. " Of course!" He says. I lean against a rock and he does the same. I don't know why but I can't stop smiling. A slow song comes on. He finds my hand and moves closer to me. " You should know that I'm getting alot of warning signs from my mind, but I can't shake this feeling." I admit looking into his eyes. " Why are you trying to shake the feeling?" He asks. " Because it isn't right." I swallow hard. He takes my other hand, " I've been trying so hard to get over you and it's not working. I can't get over you." He confesses. " Your the beautifulest girl I've ever seen . Your personality is beyond amazing. How am I supposed to get over that?" He asks pulling me to him. " It's not right though." I say looking down. He lifts my chin to meet his eyes. " Tell me how I'm supposed to get over someone who I can't get out of my head?" He asks. What about Justin? I love him so much. " I can't." I say taking a step back but he takes a step closer. " I can't lose you." He says. He cresends his hand around my face. He leans in slowly and begins to kiss me. Why am I kissing back? Why am I not pulling away? I can't do this! But yet I am. We're still kissing and he wraps his arms around my waist. I wrap my arms around his neck. I can't believe myself. We pull away. He pulls me against him, we start kissing again. I need to stop but I can't. Do I love two people? Am I cheating? I don't think I am. I mean Justin and I are taking a break. Does it count? I hope to god it doesn't. Why am I so confused. The real question is why am I still making out with Harry. This is so wrong but it feels so right. What if someone see's us!? " If we're going to do this, we can't do it in public." I say. He smiles and nods. He leads me to his car. " I know the perfect place." He says. He's holding my hand as he drives. My brain is going a million miles and its not slowing down. We go into a beach house and he locks the front door. He pulls me upstairs and into a bedroom. He pulls me to him and he starts kissing me again. I feel a tug at my bra hook and pull away," I'll stay the night but I won't sleep with you." I say. He wraps his arms around my waist again. " I can live with that." He says kissing my neck. He pulls me to the bed and we start kissing again. What did i just get myself into?
It's five in the morning, who is calling me? I look to my left and see Harry sleeping. It's Justin. " Hello?" I whisper walking out of the bedroom. " Hey." He says. " Can I call you back? Right nows not really a great time for me." I whisper. " Sure." " Thanks bye." I say. " Bye." He says. I hate lying to him. I crawl back next to Harry who pulls me to him. " Who was it?" He asks. " Someone." I say. " Cool." He says falling back asleep. I hate myself right now. I really hate myself right now. I'm acting like a slut. It needs to stop now. I stand up and go into the bathroom and change. I walk down stairs, I don't even have my car. I text Anna and she says she'll come. Anna's the only one who will understand because she's done far worse. " Are you leaving?" I turn around to see Harry standing at the bottom stair case. " Yeah, I have to go." I say. " Why?" He asks. " Because this isn't right." I reply. " Why isn't it right?" He asks coming closer to me. " Because its not." I answer. He comes closer to me," What did I do?" He asks. " You did nothing but make me fall for you even though you know I'm with Justin." I say. " Why do you love him more than me?" He asks. I shake my head," You didn't seem to remember him last night." He says. That was a slap in the face. He comes closer to me and takes my hand. I pull my hand away but he grabs me by the waist. " Like when I held you like this." He says, " And all you could do was smile." " That was different, I was drunk." I lie." You didn't touch any alcohol." He corrects me. He pulls me against him. He brushes a piece of hair out of my face. He kisses me and pulls away," Why did you kiss me back yesterday and not today?" He asks his lips are brushing against mine. " Because its wrong." I say looking away. " It's not," He says," If I love you." He kisses me again and I kiss back. I can feel him smiling. " Please stay." He pleads. " I can't." I say," It's still wrong. I can't do this to Justin." " Why does he have to know?" He asks," No one has to know at all. It could just be me and you." I kiss him. " I'll take that as a yes." He says.
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